Today and tomorrow belong to the digital world. It is fast-paced, automated yet competitive. Almost all businesses today rely on digital marketing. One important part of being a digital pro player is to top the search results. Businesses need to master the science and art of search engine optimization (SEO). The right SEO practices help you to climb the success ladder of any business. In doing so, link building plays a vital role. Link building gives long-term and legit results on the digital front of a business. This article emphasizes the importance of link building. It also talks about its benefits, downsides, and the process of outsourcing link building.

What is outsourcing link building & when to do it?

Outsourcing link building is hiring professionals to set a link-building strategy. The strategy setting and link-building efforts are rigorous. By outsourcing it there's a consistent effort for generating qualitative and relevant links. With it, you can stay away from having in-house link builders. There is also a lower risk of generating irrelevant and spammy links due to the lack of experience.

When to outsource Link building?

Here are the top green signals to outsource link building:

1. Low ranking content: Producing quality content is one thing and its ranking in the search results is another. If your quality content fails to rank on the first page, you sure need link-building experts.

2. Lack of expertise: If your in-house link-building methods are becoming a challenge. The entire process of link building is strategic. It is a full-time job that requires learned expertise and experience.

3. Growth phase: If your business is about to take a leap, link-building can prove influential. Successful link building promises faster growth that stays for a long time.

4. Cost saving: If the resources and efforts of in-house teams are failing, it's time you outsource. Outsourcing link building is always more cost-effective than having an in-house team.

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Link Building


1.  Faster Results: Link building helps get a relevant audience for your content. Successful link building gives visibility to your web page on the internet. This helps to generate referral traffic for your website. When a large group audience uses your content, many times a day, business growth is faster.

2.  Cost-effectiveness: You can expect to save a large amount of time and resources by outsourcing link building. In-house specialists can remain packed with many responsibilities. This demands hiring more teams for the completion of link-building tasks. Instead, outsourcing can prove hassle-free, stress-free and qualitative, all in a cost-effective way!

3.  Consistency: Outsourcing helps in maintaining a balance between the quality and quantity of backlinks. As a solopreneur, or as an established entrepreneur, consistency can be a challenge. Digital agencies work hard on a regular basis to build high-quality links for you.

4.  Easy and Convenient: By outsourcing link building, all you have to do is track your digital growth. It sets you free from the complex processes, followups, etc.


1.  Compromised Quality: Outsourcing link-building can sometimes compromise the quality. Failure to understand your purpose can reduce the relevance of link-building services. You may see a "Good performance" when there could be room for an "Excellent" one.

2.  No Relationship building: A link-building agency owns a heap of contacts to your benefit. With it, you may also see a leap in your digital stats for time-being. But, you don't build any relationships with the players in your niche. Outsourcing link-building refrains you from building a network of your own.

3.  No Roadmap: When you outsource, you hardly have any control over the link-building process. You will be aware of the end result but not what leads to it. All the techniques, secrets and learnings of link-building happen behind the stage.

4.  Cost: You must know that you have to pay for the "no-results" days. There can be such a span every once in a while. You must stay prepared to accept no or low-quality backlinks and even pay for them.

There are several common link-building mistakes that need to be avoided, whether you are doing it internally or outsourcing.

Characteristics of a Good Link

A good backlink has at least one of the following characteristics:

1. Site Authority: Domain authority has a lot to do with the success of the backlink. The higher the domain authority of a site, the higher your link will appear in the SERPs. Getting a hyperlink from authoritative websites can change the fortune of your business! It helps your website get referral traffic and rank better.

2.  Page Authority: Search Engines rank the backlinks that come from a relevant source/page. If the page linking your content is of high quality for the users/visitors, you tend to rank higher.

3.  Link Position: Google doesn't value the patching of links in irrelevant spaces. Links in the introduction or conclusion sections of a blog post are of low value. The links positioned at relevant and convenient places for users are of high value to Google.

4.  Relevance: Only links from sites from relevant content providers benefit you. Links coming to your site from a content provider from a different niche, might not help. Relevant and authority links bring in chances of top ranking in SERPs.

5.  Editorial Links: Links from other well-performing websites of your niche are editorial links. Such links exist with the motive of providing value to the users. If the links are a perfect fit according to Google, your content is bound to rank at the top. But, Google also has ways to trace non-editorial links that violate its guidelines.

6.  Guest Blogging: It is a process of writing content for relevant websites of the same niche. This is one of the most popular ways of building links. Guest blogging on authoritative sites can help you attract organic traffic to your website. This can also boost the domain authority of your site in the long run.

7.  Anchor Text: It is the text in a hyperlink that the user can click. Anchor texts should be specific and related to the linked page. A relevant anchor text is important from the user and SEO perspective. Why? Because it makes sense to both! Search engines rate and rank, the use of the right keywords in the anchor text of a backlink.

How to outsource Link Building?

Before you outsource link building for your business, here's what you must consider:

1.  Know the process: Building relevant links for your website is a life cycle in itself. You must be well aware of the milestones and roadmaps for it. Being knowledgeable about the process can help you save time, cost, and resources. This way, outsourcing backlinking services can become fruitful.

2.  Set goals: Setting SMART goals for outsourced link-building teams is essential. The short-term and long-term goals sets milestones that are easy to measure for you. Right goals often lead to the right steps. This in turn results in bringing more traffic to your website.

3.  Make a list: Before you outsource, make sure you compare. Comparing link-building agencies, their packages help you make the right decisions. Make a list of freelancers and/or agencies with their services, lead time, experience, and cost.

4.  Know your partner: You must invest time and budget in researching link-building companies. This holds high value because it can cut hardships, waste of time, and cost in the future.

5.  Set a budget: You might come across hefty backlinking packages. But you must know what you are looking for in a certain amount of money. Setting a budget also helps you to set specific goals to achieve in a specific time span. Research-based budget can save you from false marketing and wrong negotiation.

6.  Set a system: A long-term strategy for building quality links for your site is necessary. But, it is also essential to have a system that compliments your strategy. Outsourcing link building by following certain ground rules results in maximum outreach and ROI.

7.  Set a review system: Tracking the actions of outsourced teams is the most important part of the process. Don't give a blind eye for weeks and months and rely on end results. Set up review meetings to question performances and set new strategies if required.

8.  Set an email list: Refrain from completely relying on the network of experienced specialists. Insist your outsourced teams in building fresh connections' email lists. Maintain and grow this email list, because it is your master data!

Outsource to whom?

There are link-building agencies and there are freelancers and consultants. All work for the same end result, "building quality leads"! As a business owner, you must know what suits you best. Here's a short guide to help you decide:

SEO link-building agency

An agency has a large team to set up and handle your backlinking campaigns. It has the capacity to fulfill heavy workloads. You must choose to outsource link building to an agency if you are an established business. You must note that, on hiring an agency to work for you, you have no control over team selection. You may expect tasks to be done by in-experienced people resulting in reduced quality and efficiency.

Link building freelancers

These are individuals who work for businesses from different domains. They work on link-building projects on monthly basis. You can usually pay for every single link or on an hourly basis. The best part of hiring freelancers is that you have direct access to their work and the processes. But, you have no control over the consistency of the individual. This option is best suited for small businesses that have limited amounts of work.

Link Building Consultants

These are link-building experts who train and help your in-house teams. With their help and guidance, you can build a strong SEO team that works with you and for you. With it, you have complete control over the database, processes, and consistency. It is best suited for medium-sized organizations that can afford the cost of consultants and in-house teams.


Involving a third party to assist you with backlinking is a challenging decision. While doing so, you must consider its need and significance for your business. At the same time, understanding the process of backlinking is necessary. When you decide to outsource link building, make sure you research enough. Researching their past projects, experience, and pricing structure is important.

Remember, whether you select an agency or a freelancer, a maximum number of high-quality, relevant links is all that matters!