Ubersuggest is one of the fastest growing SEO tools in the market today.  

Purchased by Neil Patel in February 2017 and released as a totally free tool, Ubersuggest has grown in both popularity and functionality, making it a viable alternative to more expensive software suites.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to use Ubersuggest to grow your organic traffic.

You’ll discover how to:

  • - Find high volume, low competition keywords
  • - Steal your competitor's keywords
  • - Find link building opportunities
  • - Audit your site

And you can do all of this for free! So let’s dive in!

What is Ubersuggest?

ubersuggest blank page

Ubersuggest is a free suite of SEO tools to help you do keyword research and find link building opportunities.

This free SEO Tool  is an alternative to tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Moz Pro.

And the cool part about it is Neil Patel, the owner of Ubersuggest, is constantly improving the tool.  It is growing in both feature set and database of keywords and links.

It’s not quite as advanced as the other tools, but it’s getting there.  With each new feature release, I’m more and more impressed. And it is quickly becoming a staple in my arsenal of my content marketing tools.

Ubersuggest is broken down into three major parts:

  • A Keyword Analyzer - where you can enter a keyword and get analysis on it
  • A Traffic Analyzer - where you can analyze your competitor’s traffic
  • An SEO Analyzer - where you can audit the health of your site

The Keyword Tool Analyzer

The keyword analyzer in Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool that allows you to do keyword research and find backlink opportunities based on the keywords you’re targeting.

Before I go into the Keyword Analyzer, I want to quickly cover some terms so we’re all on the same page.

Search Volume 

This is the average number of people who have searched for the keyword over the course of a year.  Search volume is an important metric, however, it can be a bit deceiving.

For instance, the term Christmas Tree has an Average Search Volume of 550,000.

christmas tree traffic ubersuggest

But in November and December, the search volume tops 3 million searches - greatly scewing the search volume.

SEO Difficulty

The SEO difficulty score is an estimate of how hard it will be to rank for a keyword in the top 10.  This score takes into account the Domain Score and links aquired by each of the top results.

The more links and the higher the domain scores of the top 10 results, the harder it will be to rank.

Paid Difficulty

This is the estimated competition for paid search.  The higher the score, the more competitive it is. Factors include the number of brands that will be bidding for the keywords.

Cost Per Click

This is the estimated cost per click (cpc) of a keyword.  It’s an estimate of how much you’d have to bid in order to get clicks to your page.

Keyword Research Using Keyword Analyzer

The first way we’re going to do this is using the keyword analyzer tool.

First thing you want to do is enter a potential keyword that you want to research. For instance, I’m interested in the keyword “saas marketing” and "virtual shopping stores". 

When you enter your keyword, you’re going to see an overview of it.  This page is broken up into 3 sections. Let me break them down for you.

keyword ideas overview ubersuggest

Search Statistics

At the top of the overview page is the search statistics.  

This is where you’ll see things like the search volume, SEO Difficulty (on a scale of 0-100), paid difficulty (on a scale of 0-100) and the cost per click.

And you’ll also see a trendline for the search results going back 12 months.

keyword overview stats

At the bottom, you’ll see two really interesting bar graphs that I’m going to zoom in on right now.

The first, which is VERY useful, is a graph showing how many people click on the SEO results.

If no one is clicking on the seo results, then it’s not worth going after that keyword, no matter how high the search volume is.

click through percentage

The second graph is the age range of the searchers.  Now you can find out if the keyword you’re targeting is within the target age demographic of your customers.

searchers age

Keyword Ideas

The second section of the keyword overview page is the Keyword Ideas section.  In this section, you’ll be “teased” with about 7 or so keyword ideas related to the keyword that you’re researching.

Then, you can click “View All Keyword Ideas” to find an even larger list of keywords. 

keyword ideas preview

This is the page you’ll see when you click “more keyword ideas”.

keyword ideas page

On the left are the suggestions for more keywords.  And on the right is a SERP analysis of the keyword.

So, let’s zoom in a bit further.

First up is the keyword ideas.

keyword ideas zoom in

As you can see, there are 141 keyword ideas for Saas Marketing.  Each keyword idea is broken down by volume, CPC, Paid difficulty, and search difficulty.

You can also see a breakdown of the categories of your keyword ideas.


These are all the keyword ideas related to your keyword.

Many of these suggestions are simply more long tail ideas for you.  I like to sprinkle these in my articles to make the context more relevant to my reader and to Google.

keyword ideas related


These are the questions that people are asking around your keyword.

I like to use questions as subheadings in my articles.  

For instance, for the keyword Saas Marketing, one of my headlines might be “What is Saas Marketing?” which has a search volume of 110 and a difficulty score of 12.

keyword ideas questions


These are suggestions with prepositions in them.  

keyword ideas prepositions


Last but not least is a list of comparisons.  I changed the keyword to Shopify so that you could get a better understanding of what the comparisons page is all about.

Many times, some of the highest keywords have the word vs. in them.

For example: Shopify vs. Wix

Where the article is meant to compare the two platforms.

keyword ideas comparison

Like I said before, each keyword suggestion comes with a breakdown of the SERPs, including the average number of links and domain score for the top 10 pages.

Here’s a close up of what that looks like:

keyword overview serps

One more feature I really like is the filters.

This will allow you to find the highest volume keywords with the lowest possible competition score.

For instance, you can search for keywords with a minimum search volume of 500 and a maximum keyword difficulty of 35.

keyword filters

Content Ideas

The third section of the Keyword overview page is content ideas.

This will allow you to find proven article ideas around your keyword.  No use creating content that doesn’t get traffic or shares!

This section is a teaser with about 7 or so content ideas.  

content ideas preview

You can then click “View All Content Ideas” to see a whole lot more of them.

all content ideas

Each content idea is broken down by estimated visits, number of backlinks, and the social media platforms Facebook and Pinterest shares.

The content ideas section also comes with a filter where you can filter by Facebook and Pinterest shares, and include or exclude keywords.

content ideas filter

Finding Backlink Opportunities Using Ubersuggest

The cool part about the keyword analyzer is that you can find backlink opportunities as well.

That’s what we’re going to cover right now.

Keyword Overview Backlinks

First, you can use the Keyword Overview feature to find content that ranks for a particular keyword.

So, let’s see about Saas Marketing.

You can then go to the Keyword Ideas screen and click on the keyword “Saas Marketing”.

keyword ideas backlinks

This will bring up pages that rank for Saas Marketing in Google.

keyword overview backlinks 2

Then you can click on the number of links.

number of links

And see all of the pages that are linking to that result.

all links

You can even apply a “dofollow” filter to find the links that are dofollow.

dofollow links

And last, but not least, you can export all of the links to a csv.

Traffic Analyzer

In Ubersuggest, the Traffic Analyzer is where you can analyze your competitor’s top content.  

When you type in a competitor’s url into the prompt, this is the screen you’re taken to.  

backlinko traffic analyzer overview

It is broken down into four sections which I’ll cover right now.

Traffic Overview

The first section of the Traffic Analyzer feature is an overview of the site’s health.

You can see how many organic keywords the site is ranking for, an estimate of monthly organic traffic, the domain score, and the number of backlinks that the site has.

You’ll also see a trend line of the past year’s traffic growth.

competitor overall analysis

SEO Keywords Ranking

Next is a chart that shows a breakdown of where keywords rank.

You can see how many keywords rank from 1-3; 4-10;11-50; and 51-100.  It gives you some indication of how the site is growing month after month.

seo keyword ranking

Top Ranking Pages

The third section of the Traffic Analyzer shows you the top ranking pages based on the estimated number of visits the page gets.

On the main page of the Traffic Analyzer, you get teased with 5 or so top pages. 

top seo pages

But then when you click “View The Pages That Drive Traffic to This Domain”, you’ll get to glance at all of the pages.

all ranking pages

Each page is broken down by the Estimated Visits, number of Backlinks, Facebook shares, and Pinterest shares. 

That way you can see what content is working best for your competitor’s and you can replicate the same thing.

SEO Keywords

Finally, you can see the exact keywords that the site is ranking for.  

Once again, on the main traffic analyzer page, you’re teased with about 9 or so keywords.

seo keywords preview

But when you click on “View All SEO Keywords This Domain Ranks For”, you’ll get pages and pages of all the keywords the site ranks for.

all seo keywords

On the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll see a breakdown of each keyword that the site ranks for.

You’ll see the search volume, the position the site ranks for that keyword, the number of estimated visits, and the SEO difficulty.

seo keywords left hand side

On the right hand side of the screen, you’ll see the SERPs for each keyword.


Finding Backlinks with Traffic Analyzer

Now you’ll see how to find backlinks using the Traffic Analyzer feature.  Remember, this is where we analyzed our competitor’s site for keyword ideas.

When you type in your competitor into the Traffic Analyzer overview, you can scroll down to the “Top SEO Pages” report and click the “View the pages that drive traffic to this domain” button.

top seo pages backlinks

You’ll come to this screen where you see all of the site’s content.

all top seo pages backlinks

Let’s say you’re writing a post around “YouTube Views”, you can simply click on the “view all” button next to the relevant page.

link opportunities

And this will give you a list of all of the domains linking to that page.

all links backlinko

You can then export those links to a csv and begin your outreach campaign.

SEO Analyzer

The last part of Ubersuggest that will help you grow your organic traffic is the SEO Analyzer.

And more specifically, the Site Audit feature.

This is where you can monitor the health of your stie.  

Ubersuggest will crawl your site and look for errors, site speed issues, and identify the top SEO issues for you.

By fixing these issues, your site will rank higher in search engines and get more organic traffic.

Site Audit Page

Here’s the main page of the site audit page.  Like the rest of the features, I’m going to show you each section separately.

SEO Analyzer

Site Audit Overview

The first section is what I’m calling the overview.

This is where you get all of your site’s vitals.  You’ll see your on page seo score, your estimated organic monthly traffic, the amount of keywords you rank for, and the number of backlinks you have.

You’ll also see the number of critical errors, warnings and recommendations on how to improve your site’s on page seo.

seo audit overview

Site Speed

Next is an evaluation of your site’s speed.

You’ll see how fast your site loads on both desktop and mobile applications.

site speed analyzer

You’ll see a breakdown of various load times that indicate if your site’s load time is excellent, good, fair, or poor.

site speed desktop

As you can see, my site loads slightly better on the desktop vs. mobile.

site speed mobile

Top SEO Issues

The last section of the SEO Audit feature is top SEO issues.  This is where you can see all of the errors that your site has.

The main audit screen shows you a few issues.

seo issues preview

But then you can click on the “see all issues” button to see more errors to fix.

all seo issues

The issues are coded with a difficulty score (in other words, how difficult will it be to fix the issue), and an SEO Impact score (how much of an impact will it have on your rankings).

That way you can prioritize the issues that are easiest to fix with the highest impact on your traffic.

Final Words on Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is rapidly becoming a great tool in the SEO space.  

While it lacks the database of links and keywords that tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs have, it is perfect for marketers just getting started in SEO and for corporate managers who don’t want to fill out a purchase req. 

However, the best feature of Ubersuggest is still it’s price tag:  Free!