Organic SEO Services that Will Scale Your Business

Our Organic SEO services will scale your traffic, your leads, and your sales. Organic SEO is the most scalable way for generating long term ROI.

What are Organic SEO Services?

Organic SEO services are the tasks that are required to get your content and your site to rank in search engines.  Generally speaking, the higher the content ranks, the more organic traffic your site will get.

By definition, organic SEO traffic is traffic that you do not have to spend money on ads to acquire.  You acquire organic seo traffic by ranking at the top, or near the top, of search engines.

Organic SEO vs Paid Listings

Paid listings are the top of the results in search engines and generally have an “Ad” label placed next to them.

paid ads

Whereas organic results do not.

Why is Organic SEO important?

Organic SEO by the numbers

  • Organic SEO converts 6X more users than traditional marketing
  • Organic SEO generates 3X as many leads as ppc
  •  Organic SEO content marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing
  • 94% of all online experiences originate with a search engine
  • 80% of all searchers ignore paid ads and opt to click only organic search results
  • 57% of B2B marketers say that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing channel

How We Perform our Organic SEO Services

At Content Guppy, we have developed our organic services after working for 5 yeaqrs scaling a Saas company from $1mm to $10mm in annual revenue.  

We realized that our process would work across a wide array of industries.  This is what the process looks like.

SEO Strategy

Before we do anything, we first create an Organic SEO strategy that is going to maximize revenue for your business.  

We do a deep dive into your business and get to understand your customers so that we can develop a comprehensive strategy and create content for each layer of a marketing funnel.

For instance...

Bottom of Funnel Content

Bottom of the funnel content is for those people who are looking to buy your product or service right now.  Here are a couple of content frameworks.

Best Category Post

At Content Guppy, we wanted to launch a blogging course.  So, we created a “best category post” called “21 Best Blogging Courses”.

We eventually went on to rank the post #3 and this became one of the main ways we sold our course.

best category post

People searching for a course on blogging (or any product for that matter) usually have high buyer intent.

Alternatives  Posts

Let’s say you’re competing against an 800 pound gorilla in the market.  You can use their brand, their strength, and their momentum against them.

For instance, one of Time Doctor’s biggest competitors was a company called Toggl.  So, we wrote a blog post called “The 7 Best Toggl Alternatives”.

alternatives post

Then we ranked that post, drove some traffic to it.

alternatives post traffic

And this simple little post converted 2-4% of all traffic into customers.

People looking for an alternative to your competitor are looking to buy right now.

Jobs-to-Be-Done Posts

Another favorite post of ours is a jobs-to-be-done post.

Once again, at Time Doctor, a feature in the app was an employee timesheet.  So, we created a post called “free employee timesheet templates” where we gave out templates in Word, Excel, Google Docs, etc.

Once again, we ranked the post and got around 10,000 visitors per month.

jobs to be done post

And this post would generate 50 or so new trials every month.

Top of Funnel Content

The top of the funnel content is designed to introduce your company, your brand to your industry.  Let’s face it, most people are not ready to buy right now.

There are a lot of ways to do this, but one of our favorite types of posts are:

Tools Posts

A tools post is designed to bring people who need your product and service AND have money to pay for it.  In other words, your ideal customer.

For instance, Time Doctor was in the remote work space.  Entrepreneurs managing remote teams need online collaboration tools.

So we wrote the post.

tools post

We ranked it in the top 3 and were able to drive significant traffic to the post.  We then nurtured the leads until they were ready to be sold to.

Keyword Research

Next in the process we’re going to do keyword research.  

The goal of keyword research is to:

  1. Find keywords that attract your ideal buyer
    • People who need your product/service
    • People who have money to spend on your product/service
  2. Find keywords that we can rank for based on your website strength
  3. Find keywords that have search volume

Once we have a list of keywords for 4 months worth of content ideas, we’ll use our scoring system to prioritize which pieces of content to work on first.

keyword score sheet

We look at the difficulty it takes to rank the post, the search volume of the keyword and the relevance of the keyword to your business.

Content Production

Our organic SEO service is entirely hands off.  Many of our clients simply want us to take care of publishing the content for them so they don’t have to worry about it.

Our product process consists of both the SERP Analysis and the production of the content.

SERP Analysis

Analyzing the SERPs, or the first page of Google, allows us to determine the search intent, and what the content needs in order to rank in Google.  

Some things we look for:

  • Headline ideas:  What headlines are getting the most clicks (list posts, how to posts, etc.)
  • Keywords in Sub-headlines:  What are the most important keywords to highlight in the post
  • Content Elements (images, videos, table of contents, etc.)
  • Word count:  How many words the blog post is.

Content Production

  • Create in depth SEO content brief to send to a specialized writer
  • Copyedited
  • Feature Image
  • Formatted to fit your design
  • Publish on your blog

On-Page Optimization

After the post is loaded up into your cms, we do some high impact on-page optimization tactics.

Title Tag

We will create a title tag that reflects the search intent of the SERP to ensure the highest click through rates that will bring you the most amount of traffic.

Meta Description

We will create a meta description that reflects the search intent of the SERP to ensure the highest click through rates that will bring you the most amount of traffic.

Clean URL

We will make sure the url is a “clean” url that contains nothing but the keyword.  This will allow you to change the post in the future if you need to without disrupting the integrity of the content. 

For instance, if your url is 7-best-mermaid-tails and in the future you want to add 10 more mermaid tails to the list, the url will no longer make sense.

Internal Linking

Last, but not least, we link your posts from other strategic posts.  Internal linking is one of the most powerful, but often overlooked, on-page optimization strategies.

Link Building Guarantee

Last, but not least, our organic SEO services will build links so that your content ranks.  

*Very* Generally speaking, the more links your content has, the higher it will rank. 

Our Link Building Guarantee

We will never charge you for links below a Domain Rating of 35 (according to Ahrefs).  This means that all of your links will be placed on established sites with a good reputation.

We build links mostly through:

Guest Posting

One of the most powerful ways to get a link - especially to a high authority site is to write a guest post to it.  This means that we’re going to contribute valuable content on your behalf to another site in exchange for a link back to your site.

Resource Page Link Building

Resources pages can be anything from how to guides to list posts.  We will identify the appropriate resource pages where we can add value with your content.  

Broken Link Building

Almost every website in the world has broken links.  This is actually a bad thing from a user experience standpoint.  And most businesses want to provide the best user experience possible.  We will reach out to relevant sites and pitch these businesses and offer to fix their site with your content..


We’ve been doing SEO for quite some time and have relationships in a variety of different industries.  We can use these relationships to build high value links back to your site.

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