How to Use SEO Focused Content to Grow Your Traffic to 100,000 Visitors Per Month

Imagine for a second that you ran a business selling a blogging course.

And instead of trying to figure out how you were going to get new customers for your blogging course, you had a piece of content that was on the first page of Google for the topic "blogging courses".

In fact, I was able to achieve just that with my Blogging Courses post and this post currently attracts 163 people per month looking for a blogging course to help them grow their blog.

Now, imagine for a second that you have a software company selling timesheets as one of the features.

What if you had a post in the top 3 of Google for a topic called "Timesheet Templates"?

You'd probably sell a lot of your software, right?

In fact, that's exactly what I did for a company called Time Doctor.  I created a post called "Free Timesheet Templates" and got it to #2 in Google (Behind Microsoft.)

And this post attracted 9,978 people looking for a timesheet template in the past 30 days.

Now imagine that you had a system where you could repeatedly create content that promotes your business AND get that content to the first page of Google every single time. 

That is the power of SEO Content Marketing.

What would a steady stream of FREE and highly QUALIFIED traffic do for your business?  What would this do for your life?

  • No more worrying about where your next client is going to come from because you'll have a pipeline full of leads.
  • Increase the profit margin to your overall business and put more money into your bank account... Instead of paying for Facebook for traffic.
  • Give you a scalable system where you can grow your site's traffic to 100,000 visitors per month... and beyond.

Hi!  I'm Greg!

A few years ago, I was hired by a software company called Time Doctor to grow their blog.  And not just get grow it, but the blog had to generate leads and customers.


So, I got to work.  Low and behold, I made every mistake a marketer could make.


For instance, I published this post:


I spent weeks, yes weeks, on this post.  I did research.  I dove into data.  I had a developer make the image dynamic... so when you scroll down, the picture changes.



Then, I promoted it like crazy.  I shared it on reddit, and on Facebook and Twitter and to the email list.


And when I was done, I looked at the traffic, and damn near cried.

See?  Told you I was where you are.  


Oh, and not a single person signed up for a free trial of the software... In other words, I didn't generate a single lead.


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that I was going to have to do something different if I wanted to build a blog that generates leads and customers.


I needed to change things up, and fast, if I wanted to keep my job.  A funny thing happens when you have a gun to your head… You start to experiment and try different things.


(Actually, the guys who run the software company are the nicest people in the world… and my job was never on the line.  I just really wanted to succeed!)


Instead of creating content that I thought was interesting, I started creating content that our Qualified Buyers were searching for!


Before we knew it, posts were getting a steady stream of views…


One post was getting over 1,000 views a month…

Another getting over 600 views every month…

Another getting 2500 visitors every single month…

And now, the blog generates over 160,000 visitors AND 8,000 leads a month!

Introducing Content that Converts

Content that Converts Is a step by step program that shows you how to scale your traffic to 100,000 visitors and beyond so you can sell more of your products and services.  

When you implement everything that you learn in Content that Converts, you will have a steady stream of highly qualified traffic, a rapidly growing email list, and an ever increasing customer base.

What is covered inside of Content that Converts?

8 Proven Content Archetypes that Convert

These are tried and true content archetypes that will rank on the first page AND convert readers into leads and buyers.

  • Product Category Post
  • Tools Post
  • Alternatives Post
  • Comparison Post
  • Tips Post
  • 101 List Post
  • In-Depth Case Study
  • The Definitive Guide

Keyword Research

Not finding "good" keywords is probably one of the biggest reason's content marketers don't have success with SEO.  A good keyword strategy is the heartbeat of your SEO campaign.

  • Identify Key Customer Avatars
  • Introduction to KW Research (go over things like search volume, kd, etc.)
  • Over the Shoulder KW Research in 2-4 niches/Industries
  • Fill out Keywords for each customer avatar in as many types of content as possible
  • Evaluate Biz Case

Competitive Analysis to Ensure You Beat the Competition

Have Google tell you exactly what to write.  No more staring at a blank page again

  • Analyze the competition so that you know exactly how to beat them
  • An over the shoulder view of SERP analysis

On Page Optimization

Learn those little tricks that can make all the difference in whether or not your post ranks on page 1 or gets lost to the internet forever.

  • URL Structure
  • How to Craft an Irresistible Headline
  • Paragraph Spacing
  • Title Tag
  • Sub headlines
  • Images

Link Building

Backlinks are the currency of the internet.  They let Google know which articles are good, and which aren’t.  The more links, the better Google thinks your article is, the higher it will rank.

  • Why will someone link to you
  • Resource page Link Building
  • Scaling Guest Posting

Content Promotion: 10x Traffic Strategies

You’ve got an amazing post.  Let’s get some traffic!

  • No Brainer Outreach Strategy
  • Forum Marketing
  • Partnership Strategy
  • Parasite SEO
  • Traffic Upgrade Technique

Class Details:  Here’s what you will get

  • The full Content that Converts course (7 Modules with a step by step system on creating, promting, and ranking SEO Content
  • Checklists for each strategy that you'll learn
  • The internal tools we use to create our content strategy

How much does Content that Converts Cost?

The entire Content that Converts course -- all the strategies, modules, checklists, and tools-- is designed to help you get to 100,000 visitors per month with SEO Content.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like Content that Convert or if you don't think it will work for you, then you can get a full refund - no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn’t SEO take a long time?  

This is actually a bit of a myth.  If you have the proper keyword research strategy, you can actually see some results from your efforts in as little as 3 months.  I’ve actually had blog posts rank in the top 10 within 3 weeks of publishing.

Will the course be updated?  And will I get free access to future versions?

Yes!  This course is a flagship product from Entice and will be updated frequently.  Once enrolled, all future versions are free.

Will this work for someone who isn’t in the online marketing industry?

Absolutely!  I’ve actually been doing most of my SEO work in the productivity and remote work industry.  

Based on the outline, it seems like you’ve covered a lot of this on your blog.

Great observation.

Think of the blog as an introductory pamphlet.

And the course as an entire college curriculum.

The blog gives you enough to self direct and have a basic idea on what you need to do.

The course gives you much more details, many real life examples, provides checklists, and hours of video showing you exactly what to do.

How much time will this take?

You can get through the whole course in under 1 hour per day.

As for implementation, this is a tough one.  It all depends on your skillset, your experience level, and how quickly you learn.

While I can't guarantee anything I am trying to design so that anyone with base skill set can implement that tactics with 1 hour per day and 2 hours on the weekend.

Join Content that Converts Today

The entire Content that Converts course -- all the strategies, modules, checklists, and tools-- is designed to help you get to 100,000 visitors per month with SEO Content.


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