How We Grew a Bootstrapped SaaS to $10mm ARR with SEO

This step-by-step case study will show you our exact content strategy from keyword research, to ranking it high, and converting readers into paid users.

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The Compounding Way to Increase MRR

Hey!  I'm Greg. That's me over there ->

When I first got into content marketing, I was stuck on the content hamster wheel of doom.

You know how it goes.

You create content.  You promote it via email, on social channels, in forums and Slack channels.  And then after a week, the content is lost to the internet forever.

Then you do it all over again.

I was stuck in this hamster wheel for years.

This.  Was.  Exhausting.  Out of sheer desperation, I started to learn SEO, little by little.

I wrote a post.  Ranked it in the top 3 in Google.  It started acquiring leads.  It increased MRR.

All good.

But the miracle was the next month, and the month after that, and the month after that

That blog post was still getting traffic, acquiring leads, growing MRR long after it was published.  A far cry from how I was doing things.

Before long, every single post I wrote followed this singular formula:

  • Do keyword research to find content hat my buyers were looking for
  • Create content that answers their question to the best of my ability
  • Build some backlinks to rank the content
  • Convert visitors into trials

The end result:  Our blog was getting hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. 

And we eventually grew ARR to over $10mm (when I left).

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