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    The Old Way to Market Your SaaS is Broken

    Let’s face it.  PPC can be expensive.  

    You can spend tens of thousands of dollars testing messages to make your ROAS numbers work.

    Spending time on SEO?  You can do everything right.  You can build links.  You can write great content.  You can have a fast website. 

    But if Google decides they want to drop you off the first page, then all that money is wasted.  And that potential revenue is gone.

    And while cold outreach still works, it’s no where near as effective as it used to be.  The average exec’s inbox is inundated with folks trying to pitch their product, that your pitch will most likely fall on deaf ears.  

    Instead of spending thousands of dollars on PPC and risking your business on the whims of Google’s bots, leverage other company’s users to grow your SaaS.

    Here’s how it works:

    Step 1:  You find other SaaS companies who serve the same customers as you but aren’t a direct competitor.

    Step 2:  You reach out with a win-win email asking if they’ll promote your SaaS to their list in exchange for promote their SaaS to your list.

    Step 3:  Execute the partnership and you’ll both get new trials.  (It’s up to you to convert those trials!)

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    • How to find potential partners to pitch to… Including what makes a good partner and finding email addresses.
    • The email template that we use to reach out to potential partners that has a >50% Positive Response Rate
    • And you’ll learn how to execute the partnership so that you get the maximum number trials for your SaaS.

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