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Companies Growing with Content Guppy

Increased Organic Traffic by 10x in 8 Months

When we started working on Running Remote, they were a 2 year old company without much of an SEO strategy.  In just 8 months, we were able to 10x organic traffic with SEO content.

Content Started Ranking in 6 Weeks

SEO doesn't have to take a long time, if you have a solid strategy in place.  Just 6 weeks after we were hired by Markup Hero, articles started to rank in the top 10 in Search Engines, driving high quality traffic to their site.

Why Use Content Guppy?

Attract a Qualified Audience

What good is traffic if it isn't the right traffic?  You need content that will attract your ideal buyers to your site.  These are people who need your products and services AND have money to spend to buy them.

Create Content that Converts

Attracting audience is one thing.  Getting them to convert into leads and customers is another.  Each week, you're going to get a piece of content that is designed to convert your audience into buyers.

Scale Your Business

SEO Content is the most scalable traffic sources there is.  If a single blog post can attract thousands of qualified buyers to your site month after month.  Imagine what 10 blog posts, or even 100 blog posts, can do for you.

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