White-Hat SEO Outreach Prospecting, Automated.

Find high quality outreach leads in minutes for scalable white-hat SEO without spending hours prospecting or paying for a prospecting team.  

Link Prospecting Made Easier

Skyscraper Technique

In one click, get all of the backlinks pointing to your competitors in the SERP.

Verify from Many Places

We find emails from websites and social media like LinkedIn.

Target by Position

Find the exact person within an organization you want to reach.

Recent Customer Wins

  • 12 Links last month for a site in the health and wellness industry
  • 8 links last month for a site in the project management industry
  • 8 links last month for a marketing agency site
  • 5 links last month for a site in the personal development industry

Why Manually Prospecting for Links is Costing You Time and Money

Manually prospecting for links goes something like this:

  • Scrape URL's from an SEO Tool like Ahrefs or SEMRush.  
  • Load them into a spreadsheet.  
  • Use an email verifier to find some email addresses.  
  • Go to the company page on LinkedIn to manually find even more.  
  • Load them back into your spreadsheet.
  • Write some VLOOKUPS/REGEXEXTRACTS and other formulas 

And 10 hours later, you have a list of 100 email prospects.

With the press of a couple of buttons, Content Guppy will have that done for you.  

It used to take us days to compile a big list of qualified link prospects.  With Content Guppy, we can do all of it in minutes.

Keith Bresee

CEO Neurosection9

Get Qualified Link Building Opportunities

  • Reduce the Cost to Acquire a Link:  The less it costs to acquire a link, the more links you can build... and faster!     
  • Reach Decision Makers:  We’ll make sure that we give you the right person to get in contact with.  Whenever possible, we’ll send you the email address of someone from the marketing team.
  • Increase Conversion Rates:  Not getting replies to your emails can be soul crushing.  By using Content Guppy to find you links, you can increase the replies and conversion rates of your campaigns.
  • Personal Emails:  Every email you get will have a person behind it.  You'll be able to check out their LinkedIn profile.

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