About Content Guppy

A few years ago, I was working in marketing for a software startup called Time Doctor.  At the time, the marketing department was me and two other guys.

And to say we didn’t have any idea of what we were doing.

We were blogging, but the blog wasn’t getting all that much traction.  Most of our posts looked a lot like this.

It took a lot of time, trial, and error, but we finally hit our stride.  And a couple of years later, traffic to our posts look a lot more like this.

They get traffic month after month after month.

And not just any old traffic either.  Traffic that drives leads (8,000+ per month) at the time I’m writing this.

I wanted to see if this process was repeatable on other blogs.

So, I went to work building traffic to a blog called Running Remote.

And slowly, it started to work.  

I was able to increase traffic by 20x in just a few short months.  

A Repeatable SEO Process

I started Content Guppy because I wanted to implement this repeatable SEO process in other companies so they too can drive traffic that generates leads.

And I’ve distilled the process into 5 steps.

Keyword Research

This is the heartbeat of any SEO strategy.  A good keyword research strategy will help you find topics that you can rank for AND will attract your ideal buyer to your site.

No sense in getting traffic if it doesn’t help your business grow.

SERP Analysis

By analyzing the SERP, we’ll be able to exactly match the search intent of the keyword we wish to rank for.

One of the biggest reasons that content doesn’t rank is because it fails to match the search intent.

Content Creation

Now’s the time to create a thorough piece of content that Google wants to get in front of it’s users.


We make sure that the post has all of the elements required for it to rank in the top 3.  This includes images, proper subheadlines, and a good reader experience.

Promotion and Link Building

Last but not least, it’s time to get some eyeballs on your post.  We need to build high quality backlinks to your article so that it can outrank your competition.

These 5 steps have proven time and time again to grow traffic to a website.

If you’d like us to grow your traffic, just click here and fill out the form.