7 B2B Content Marketing Agencies to Help You Scale Your Business.

Before hiring a content marketing agency, we've shortlisted 7 agencies that we absolutely love.  Check them out in this article.

B2B content marketing is the cornerstone of inbound lead generation. When you set out to grow your B2B business, you need to select a marketing agency that will not only produce relevant content for your niche but also ensure more leads and traffic to your website.

To give you a head start, we’ve curated a list of 7 of the most remarkable content marketing agencies in the industry right now. Let’s dive right in!


content guppy

‘Any traffic is good traffic’ is a saying which isn’t entirely true if you don’t know how to direct it, but Content Guppy ensures that your content gets that direction. With a success story of obtaining 10x organic traffic with our SEO content, our services are sure to convert your leads into buyers.


Content Guppy helps create traffic towards your content and ensure that your business reaches its desirable audience. Our services come in a wide range, including but not limited to 

  • Digital Marketing services
  • Blog Posts
  • Content that converts


Content Guppy strategizes with various digital marketing agencies and call centers to bring traffic that will convert to buyers. We will also help you figure out your niche and tailor your content to be the most interactive for your audience.



With its unique content marketing strategies, Directive promises to generate more revenue for your business and take it to the next level.


With Directive’s magical marketing features, you get to see your content as one of the top results on Google’s search results. Some of them include:

  • SEM marketing
  • SEO marketing
  • Higher conversions
  • Low cost per opportunity


Directive strategizes in a way that uses PAID tactics to gain visibility in SERPs. The agency’s paid SEM strategies include setting up and optimizing your ads and setting a budget that pays for placing them.


Facing problems converting generated leads into customers? Look no further.


Heinz marketing cuts to the chase and stands by the saying,

We know that what really matters is the sales pipeline, closing business, and accelerating revenue. Period.”

Their main features include-

  • Data-driven marketing
  • Strategic planning
  • Creative problem solving


Heinz marketing brings you effective pipeline strategies that serve this purpose. Its WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) combines sales and marketing data in order to analyze and subsequently convert leads and prospects into actual customers.

Get to the bottom of your target market funnel with the agency’s skilled and experienced maneuvers.


sweetfish media

A podcast can engage you when you’re going out for your morning jog or stuck in the middle of a monotonous piece of work. With a wide range of podcasting features, this is where Sweet Fish Media comes in handy.


Sweet Fish Media has coined the phrase “Content-based networking,” and they receive significant reach and engagement through the following:

  • Scheduling Guests
  • Identifying Ideal Guests
  • Professional Audio
  • Podcast Syndication
  • Social Media Content
  • Guest Follow-up


Podcasts are now more popular than ever. This popularity is put to use by Sweet Fish Media. They help businesses convey their message and establish meaningful relationships with their guests and audience.


Hey Digital

hey digital

Reaching target markets is hard enough as it is; maintaining a smooth conversion curve further adds to the distress. Here’s when Hey Digital dives into action.


Hey Digital’s content marketing services include-

  • Introduction to improved acquisition channels
  • Stepped up PPC game
  • Custom-designed landing pages
  • Improved advertising performance


Hey Digital comes up with remarkable PPC marketing policies to render substantial growth in your revenue.


Intelligent Digital

intelligent demand

Ever think of a marketing service that will not only help you reach your target audience but also assist in reshaping your revenue? If your answer is yes, then this is the service for you.


Intelligent Media’s features include:

  • Integrated strategy, creative, media, technology, data, and analytics
  • Supporting the sustenance of your company’s ROI
  • Direct or passive guidance to increase your company’s sales in a modern, efficient and measurable way


The agency follows an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy that focuses on sales and marketing resources on target accounts within a particular market.

The analyzed reports help in effective utilization of all of their resources, budget, and campaigns against the specific list of target accounts and consequently support the sales effort.


Case Study Buddy

case study buddy

If you’re looking forward to working on your conversion rates and showcasing your company’s expertise, case studies will prove to be a helpful option for you.


With the help of Case Study Buddy, show your prospects that they can trust your business process and bring measurable results upon your revenue through the following features-

  • Sincere handling of company clients
  • Interview scheduling
  • Filming/Writing/Managing revisions
  • Coordinating designs


Case studies work as giant lead magnets. They specialize in cases with powerful presentations, work on monetary returns based on what a client has spent, and most importantly, understand the client’s niche.

Final Words

Content is the present and future of marketing. Hence, make sure you choose a B2B agency that best fits your business needs. If you want to explore more of Content Guppy, schedule a free demo today!

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