SaaS SEO:  How a Bootstrapped SaaS Scaled to $10mm ARR with SEO

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We Help B2B SaaS Companies Increase MRR with SEO

Whenever I speak to a SaaS marketer or CEO about their SEO, we usually talk about one of three problems.

The first problem is that traffic is going up and to the right, but it's not doing anything for revenue.  Which is a huge waste of money.

The second problem is, traffic isn't going up at all.

And the third problem:  the traffic we've outsourced to the agency or freelancers sucks.

So let's talk about these three challenges.

Problem 1:  Our traffic is going up, but our revenue isn't

Most SEO agencies look for high search volume, low competition keywords.

It's REALLY easy to find these keywords.  Just apply a few filters in Ahrefs or SEMRush and you'll have a whole list of them.

This makes the agency look really good.  They can point to search console or Google Analytics and say "hey!  Traffic increased by 200% month over month" or something like that.

But as you've found out, traffic doesn't always = revenue.

Instead of finding high search volume keywords, we want to find high buyer intent keywords.  This comes from a deep understanding of who your customers are, what problems they face, and how your SaaS solves these problems.

Then, and only then, will we create content around those keywords.

Problem 2:  Our traffic Isn't Going Up

Typically when traffic isn't going up, there is a deep underlying issue in the content strategy.  

For instance, your content might not be matching search intent.  

Or maybe your keyword strategy might be off.

Or perhaps your content isn't all that helpful.

Or the links you're getting are from cheap, spammy link farms or PBN's.

Problem 3:  Our Content Sucks

Do you cringe when you read your content?

Or are you spending hours editing it because it's just so bad?  

Your instincts are right.  Your sucky content is hurting your rankings, your brand, and your ability to convert your audience into customers.

Instead of creating "well researched" posts (aka, we're going to scrape what's already on the internet and just reword things), you need to create content that comes from authentic experiences.

This will help you stand out, build authority, and rank higher.

Problem 4:  We don't have time to create content and build links

Let's face it.

Creating great content and building high quality links takes a lot of time.  Not every company has the time to do that.

Here's How We can Help You

Content Guppy and help you create and implement an SEO strategy that will help you increase traffic and, most importantly, your MRR.

We Help With Your SEO Strategy

We've been doing SEO for SaaS companies for over a decade now.  So we've seen it all.

We have a good idea for what works, what doesn't work, and how we can apply that to your business.

We Create Content that Increases MRR

Getting traffic is great.  It's fun.  But if the traffic you get doesn't convert into revenue, then it's a waste of time, and money.

We only care about getting traffic that's going to increase your MRR.

We Build High Quality Links

Most agencies outsource their link building to freelancers or other services who just get the cheapest links possible.

At Content Guppy, we have our own in-house link building team with a VERY strict criteria for which types of links we're going to get for your SaaS

We Work Exclusively with B2B SaaS Companies

We exclusively increase MRR for SaaS companies. Which means, you're hiring a partner with years of experience across multiple SaaS industries to help you acquire visitors.

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In the call, you'll learn:

  • The simple math that we use to estimate how much your MRR can increase with SEO content
  • How to create content that will help you stand out from a "sea of sameness" and other "AI generated content".
  • A strategy to help make sure your content converts your readers into trials - and ultimately paying users.

Companies we've Worked With

Get the Case Study:  How a Bootstrapped SaaS Scaled to $10mm ARR with SEO

One of our sales pages was languishing around position 9 for a keyword that we new would increase our revenue.  Within two months after hiring Content Guppy to build links for us, we ranked #1 for the keyword and the page went from producing 3 leads per month to 16 leads per month!

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