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We specialize in building Premium links to Bottom of Funnel Content that Drives MRR

Some of the Companies Who Work with Us

Links that Increase Rankings and MRR

DR 60+ Sites and Up

The very first filter we apply is that we make sure to only reach out to sites that are DR60 and up.  That way we get you links from established sites only.

Organic Traffic 1,000+

Each site we get links from is search engine friendly.  That's why we set a minimum site requirement of 1,000.  Though most sites have more.

SaaS and Agency Sites

Every link comes from another SaaS company or B2B brand.  No PBNs, content farms, generic news sites or spammy links of any kind.

Getting You the HIGHEST Quality Links is All We Care About

When we first started Content Guppy, we were a do it all kind of SEO agency.  We did content, technical seo, and we offered link building.  And while we did the technical SEO and content in house, we outsourced link building.

And that's when we found out how hard it was to find a link building service that would offer good links.  

All of the links we were getting were on high DR sites.  But the sites were really spammy looking.  And we spent countless hours trying to explain to our clients that they're "not that bad."

Eventually one of our clients fired us.  Then another.  And then a third.  We asked ourselves:  If we're having such a hard time finding good links, are there other companies having a hard time finding high quality links?

Turns out, there most definitely are.  That's when we decided to focus on doing one thing and one thing only.  Becoming a link building service where we can build the highest quality links that you will increase your search engine rankings and your MRR.

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How We Help

White Hat Link Building

You're a B2B brand or SaaS company who wants to rank faster.  We'll get premium links to your highest converting content and your sales and service pages.  Check out how we do it by clicking the button below.

White Label Link Building

You're an SEO agency who needs really damn good links for your clients.  You know, links that are going to their content fast.  Let us do it for you. Check out our white label link building process.

One of our sales pages was languishing around position 9 for a keyword that we new would increase our revenue.  Within two months after hiring Content Guppy to build links for us, we ranked #1 for the keyword and the page went from producing 3 leads per month to 16 leads per month!

Matthew Rathbone |CEO,

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from you competitors?

We find that we are different from our competitors in three ways.

First, our link building strategy revolves around our very thorough filter process.  Like we've mentioned a few times here, we make sure that every single link comes from a SaaS company or an Agency/Service company in your industry.

Second, we do not have a list of links that we have access to.  We do manual outreach for every single link that we find.  

And finally, we invest heavily in our own tools which we love to show off to our clients.  In fact, we consider ourselves a software company.  And you will have access to our platform so that you can easily see all of your links in one location.

We've found this to be the best way to see rankings in search engines increase.


How many links can you build per month?

This depends on a couple of factors. 

First, what is your budget? Typically speaking the higher your budget, the more links we can build.

Second, the type of content that you're looking to build links to affects quantity as well.

For instance, it's a bit harder to acquire links to a sales page, so we won't be able to build as many as a blog post.

How can I see my links?

Once you become a client of Content Guppy you will have access to our reporting system that you can log into whenever you want.

Also, you will get an email from us every Friday letting you know what links we've acquired for you.

Can you build links to sales and service pages?

Yes!  Our clients love when we help them rank their service and sales pages.  

Building links to sales and service pages that have proper search intent is a great link building strategy.  You will increase the ranking for sales and service pages is the fastest way for you to increase your MRR, revenue, demos, free trials, sales calls, etc.

How long till I see results?

Ahhhh... the million dollar question.

The short, buy crappy answer is, it all depends.  There are a lot of search engine ranking factors and link acquisition is just one of them.

Things like your competitors, your content quality, your site's user experience, all factor into how fast you'll rank for your particular keyword.

However, when we do an analysis of your page, we'll be able to give you some indication for an approximate timeline.


What industries do you work with?

The industries we typically work with are:

  • Marketing
  • Financial/accounting
  • Project management
  • Product management
  • Productivity
  • Remote work
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Software
  • And most other non-super niche B2B industries

What's your Domain Rank range?

You will never be charged for a site with a domain ranking under 60.  

However from time to time, we'll come across a really good site, with good content, but the domain is under 60.  In this case, we'll always take the link and give it to you free of charge.


Can I choose the anchor text?

Yes!  You can absolutely let us know what anchor text you want us to go after.

We might not be able to match your criteria 100% of the time.  In those cases, we'll make sure the anchor text is closely related to your recommendation.

Do you work with SEO Agencies?

Yes!  We offer white label services to SEO Agencies.

We help several agencies increase their client's search engine rankings with our link building tactics.

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