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Our Clients Rank Faster with Links from Content Guppy

We use Content Guppy to build links for all of our clients.  When we used other link building services, our clients would routinely ask us if they were from PBNs or link farms.  They were disappointed with the quality of the links and the results they were getting.

With Content Guppy, we never have that "PBN" conversation because every single link comes from a SaaS site.  And our client's content is ranking much faster!

Keith Bresee'  //  CEO Social Engines

Why Agencies Choose us for White Label Link Building 

Agencies love how hard we work to make them look good for their clients.  When an agency chooses us, they know that they're going to get the absolute best links possible for their clients.  Afterall, what account manager wants to defend the links their vendor is getting them?  

DR 60+ Links Only

Getting the highest quality links possible is going to be a competitive advantage for you.  While other agencies are pitching DR 30 and DR 35 links to their prospects, you'll be able to tell your clients that you can get them DR 60 sites.  

1,000 Organic Visitors per Month

As you know, links that come from sites that Google already likes, makes a huge difference.  We say that we want our links to come from sites with 1,000 organic visitors per month.  But in reality, almost all of our links come from sites with a lot more traffic than that.  We'll be happy to show you our client's link profiles when you book a demo with us.

Links come from SaaS companies or Agencies Only

And most importantly, all of our links will come from SaaS companies and agencies.  We never want you to be in a position where you have to defend one of our links to your clients.

Every single link that we get is going to be one that you'll be EXCITED to show your client. 

Not only will these links "look good", but they're going to help your client rank faster.  

Our White Label Link Building Process

Step 1:  Tell Us Which Pages

You know your clients inside and out.  So, our process will kick off by telling us which pages that you want us to build links to.  

These can be blog posts or they can be sales pages.  We highly recommend that you find us pages that will increase their leads as quickly as possible.

Give us all the bottom of the funnel pages you can!  

Step 2:  Link Prospecting

Once we have our target page, it’s time to find link opportunities. 

We've built our own in-house platform that helps us identify the best links using our rigorous filtering process.  

If your client needs to approve of the link before it goes live, we can accommodate that as well.

Step 3:  Find the Perfect Person

Our goal is to find the person we call "closest to the content".

We want to reach out to SEO manager, content marketing managers, content specialists, etc.  These are the people who are most willing and able to give us a link.

Step 4:  Manual Outreach

We don't have a "list of links or sites that we have access to."  Yes, we have relationships in the industries that we work in.  However, wee manually reach out to almost every single link that we acquire for your client.

If you've been doing this long enough, you'll know that all of those link building services with "a list of sites" all have the same damn sites!

We want to make sure your clients are getting links that their competitors aren't getting!

Step 5:  Negotiate the Link

After we've found the right person, and we've reached out, it's time to do the tedious work of negotiating the link.

Our team of experts will make sure that your link goes live with relevant anchor text.

Step 6:  Reporting

All of your client's links will be entered into our custom reporting software.  That way you don't have dozens of spreadsheets to keep track of.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is white label link building?

White hat link building is where a content agency or an SEO agency hires us to do their link building for them.

Most agencies are really great at creating content, and want to spend all of their time doing that.  

But they don't want to build an in-house linking team or hire a bunch of freelancers that they'd have to manage.  Waaaayyyy too much work.

So, they hire Content Guppy to get high quality links for their clients and then upcharge those links for a profit.


How many links can you build per month

This depends on a couple of factors. 

First, what is your client's budget? Typically speaking the higher your budget, the more links we can build.

Second, the type of content is your client looking to rank.

While we love building links to sales pages - as that will get faster results for your client - we might not be able to build links to them as fast as we can a blog post.


Is there a minimum amount of links per client?


We want to try to get at least 4 links per month per client.  

That will allow us to give you the best possible results.


Can you build links to sales and services pages?

Yes!  These are our favorite pages to build links to!  But as we said before, they're a bit more challenging to build links to than blog posts.

So while we'd LOVE nothing more than to build 20 links per month to your client's sales pages, realistically, we can only build 4-8 links per page per month.


How are you different from your competitors?

We think we're different from our competitors in 3 key ways.

First of all, we exclusively build links with a domain authority higher than 60 acquired from SaaS companies and Agency companies.  That means we don't have tiered pricing for cheap/crappy domains.  We only want to find and acquire the absolute best links for your clients.

Second, we don't have a list of sites that we have access to.  Chances are, if your client has been doing link building for any length of time, they already have those domains.  We do manual outreach for almost every single one of our links.

And finally, we invest heavily in our own platform which we will be happy to show you when you sign up for a demo! 


Can you handle all of my clients?

We typically serve clients that are in mainstream industries such as marketing, software, productivity, remote work, project management, etc.

If you have clients that are in super niche industries such as automotive, or construction, or doctors, then we probably can't service them.


What if my client doesn't like one of the links?

Simple.  We'll replace it as quickly as possible.  We want your clients to be happy with the links we get for them.


Can I choose the anchor text?

Yes!  You can give us recommendations on what anchor text you want for each client.

We'll do our absolute best to get 100% of the links matched to that anchor.  However, there will be instances where that's not possible.  In that case we'll make sure the anchor text we get you is as close to your recommendation as we can get it.


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