The 6-Step SaaS Link Building Process

Our SaaS link building process is designed to get high quality links.  These are links that you'll be excited to show your friends. Here's what we mean:

  • We get links on DR 60+ sites only 
  • Links only on sites with at least 1,000 organic visitors per month
  • And most importantly, these are other SaaS sites and Agency/Service sites.  No content farms, spammy news sites, affiliate sites.  Every link will come from a business that actually sells something. 

Step 1:  Page Analysis

We'll take a look at your site to identify the pages that will increase users. We’ll identify which of your sales/service pages need a little love, your bottom of the funnel content, and top of the funnel content we want to target over the next 4 to 6 months.

Step 2:  Link Prospecting

Once we have our target page, it’s time to find link opportunities. We use our own in-house software to find the best of the best sites. Sites with domain authority of 55 or greater, a minimum of 1000 visitors per month, and low spam scores.

The sites we get links from are either businesses that are clearly selling a product or service or reputable niche bloggers. 

Step 3:  Find the Perfect Person

We have to identify who to reach out to that will give us the absolute best chance of giving you that link.

Once again, our in-house software will look through the public records of the business to find the person who is closest to the content. No need to reach out to the founder of a $10Million company. You’ll never get a response.

Step 4:  Build a Dream 100

We have our list of link prospects and people to reach
out to.

Now we need to identify our dream 100 links -
the 100 best links for us to reach out to and
secure a link.

Step 5:  Personalize the Outreach

Because we’re trying to get the best links possible we can’t just send out generic pitches or cookie-cutter sales scripts.

We send out personalized pitches to each site that we reach out to.

Step 6:  Negotiate the Link

And finally, we will negotiate the link on your behalf. We’ll identify which anchor text would work best for your page.

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch your rankings, and traffic go up.

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