10 Best B2B Outsourcing Websites In The World 2024

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Thanks to technology advancements and growing trust in digital platforms, eCommerce has experienced a remarkable transformation. According to reports, it is anticipated that 30% of all B2B trades will be conducted through online B2B eCommerce websites in the year 2024.

The rising growth of B2B marketplaces has led many big companies and brands to change their focus. And this focus of businesses in digital trade is going to continue for a while.

So, before it becomes outdated, consider broadening your business reach with some of the top B2B eCommerce app development companies worldwide.

The Most Well-Known B2B Outsourcing Websites In 2024

With a commitment to smooth transactions and promising opportunities for manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, and buyers, here are more than 10 B2B eCommerce platforms to explore.

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A screenshot of eWorldTrade website

Start with today’s world’s largest B2B e-commerce platform, eWorldTrade. Since its establishment in 2006, eWorldTrade has served as a safe bridge for businesses, wholesalers, and retailers to make an easy transaction from anywhere in the world. 

Traders and manufacturers worldwide can effortlessly join the platform to enhance their commercial competitiveness. Whether it’s about finding suppliers or boosting the digital presence, eWorldTrade is a top recommended platform by global leaders. 

With an impressive milestone of 500,000 registered users, eWorldTrade has established itself as a leading force in the B2B e-commerce landscape. 


A screenshot of Alibaba website

Alibaba, founded in 1999, is a global e-commerce giant in China. Initially starting as a B2B platform, Alibaba has evolved into B2C, C2C, and various other services. Alibaba’s B2B platform, Alibaba.com, is one of the most comprehensive online marketplaces connecting buyers and sellers across the globe.

Similarly, Alibaba, allows businesses to find suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers for a wide range of products. However, the thing that sets them apart is their cost-effective approach to products. 

Global Sources

A screenshot of Global Sources website

Global Sources is a Hong Kong-based company that connects buyers with suppliers primarily in Asia. Being an online marketplace, Globalsources.com supports international trade. And the major sourcing solutions for Global Sources are electronics, fashion, and lifestyle products.

Once you join Global Sources, you can benefit from supplier verification, product certification, and access to trade show events. With a keen focus on quality control, Global Sources has become the preferred platform for businesses looking for reliable suppliers in Asia.

Amazon Business

A screenshot of Amazon business site

Amazon Business, a subsidiary of Amazon.com, is a B2B e-commerce platform launched in 2015. It caters to a wide range of industries, from office supplies to industrial equipment. All the procurement of these goods and services is done through a user-friendly interface. 

What makes Amazon Business stand out is its business-focused features like multi-user accounts, quantity discounts, and business analytics. These features are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses engaged in procurement.

EC Plaza

A screenshot of ECPLaza website

ECPlaza, a Korean B2B website, is making a mark in the trading industry. It connects businesses of all sizes with wholesalers and manufacturers, enhancing their position in the trading world.

EC Plaza knows how to connect buyers with suppliers based on specific needs and budgets. Their wide range of products and services covers various industries such as electronics, machinery, chemicals, and more. 

One of EC Plaza’s key strengths is its advanced search functionalities allowing businesses to discover potential partners efficiently. Thus, this all made EC Plaza a trusted space for businesses to engage in cross-border transactions.


A screenshot of AliExpress website

AliExpress, a part of the Alibaba Group, stands as a key player in the B2B outsourcing landscape. Launched in 2010, AliExpress has rapidly grown to become one of the largest online retail platforms globally, connecting businesses and consumers alike. 

While primarily known for consumer shopping, AliExpress also acts as a B2B platform. It helps small and medium-sized enterprises source products from manufacturers and wholesalers in China.


A website's screenshot of SeeBiz

SeeBiz is a top contender for B2B outsourcing for this year due to its competitive place in the market. It has premium services provided to businesses by helping them run their work, manage, and scale. SeeBiz is also an all-rounder platform with all the basic and advanced tools required to run the operation and boost buying and selling. 

They have partnered with some great minds in tech for online marketing and have developed an intricate online business model that can meet the unique requirements of wholesale businesses. 


A DHgate.com logo

DHgate is a leading B2B platform, allowing buyers to purchase Chinese products in low volumes. As a global wholesale brand, the platform offers a diverse range of over 30 million products across multiple categories. 

With an extensive network of suppliers and a wide range of product categories, DHgate serves as a robust marketplace for businesses worldwide. Being an innovative platform, DHgate consistently meets the ever-changing needs of businesses, thereby setting its position in the industry.


A screenshot of ECVV website

ECVV is another premium website that helps users to buy and purchase what they want and need. From fashion to home appliances, toys to automobile parts – the website has everything that you need. 

The outsourcing needs of the users get catered to instantly and align with multiple benefits. The Java Outsourcing company also provides you with safe and secure transactions. Another thing to notice is the transparency of the platform, which ensures a stress-free environment for the users.


A screenshot of ThomasNet website

ThomasNet is a leading B2B outsourcing website, catering to businesses across industries since its inception in 1898. The platform offers an extensive range of products and services in diverse sectors like manufacturing, industrial equipment, and technology. 

The good thing about the platform is it provides users with valuable tools such as CAD models, whitepapers, and product catalogs to assist in the sourcing process. 

What distinguishes ThomasNet from other B2B marketplaces is the credibility of their sellers. They feature verified manufacturers whose companies are officially audited to be declared as authentic businesses. All this is conducted by ThomasNet’s official representatives.

The End Note

While these marketplaces may seem similar initially, they differ in many aspects. It’s crucial to choose the ones that align with your business requirements. Additionally, listing your products on multiple sites can enhance your reach in the B2B market, providing stability in the long run.


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