The thank you page is one of the most overlooked pages on a marketing website.

How do I know?

Because when I was doing research for this post, I signed up for dozens of email lists, saw dozens of thank you pages…

And most of them were... blah.

They simply had a link to whatever free guide or ebook or course I was signing up for.

And nothing else.

What a wasted opportunity!

As marketers, we work hard to attract people to our blog and landing pages, acquiring leads, and nurturing prospects.

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But there were a few smart bloggers and companies who used their thank you page to help them grow their marketing funnel and their business.

And those are the thank you pages that I’m going to focus on in this post.

4 Elements of a Highly Effective Thank You Page


In most instances, the headline states a clearly defined goal for the page. Where most thank you pages simply say “thanks for signing up, here’s your prize”, highly effective thank you pages tell subscribers what they should expect to do next.

Call to Action

This reinforces the headline in the form of a button or a link. It tells subscribers where to click or which button to push.

Share Options

When I mention that highly effective Thank You pages contain at least three elements, share options are what I find missing (most of the time by design).

But think about it, someone comes to your landing page, downloads your freebie, they are probably inclined to share it with their friends too!

Access to Your Offer

This is the no brainer. You need to tell people how to get the freebie that they just downloaded. Either give them a link to it or tell them that it’s on it’s way. But there’s nothing worse than signing up for something and not getting it!

20 Thank You Page Examples that You Can Steal Today

Let's  check out the 20 thank you pages that you can implement in your business

Atlas Coffee Club Thank You Page

Atlas Coffee Club is a subscription box coffee company.  Each month, you get a coffee delivered to your front door.

My kinda service! 🙂

Anyway, back to thank you pages. 🙂

Atlas Coffee Club’s lead magnet is a 50% off coupon on your first order.  Enter your email address and the discount is automatically applied to your order.

The thank you page is a check out page that funnels you into trying their service.

Atlas Coffee Club Thank You Page

Things I like:

I really like how the discount is automatically applied to the checkout process without me having to do more work.  They didn’t give me a coupon code that I need to copy and paste or anything like that. I enter my email… Boom! Discount given.

I like the natural progression from coupon to directly trying to make a sale.  If I’ve been browsing the site then enter my email address to get the discount, I have a high intent to buy.

Finally, the micro-commitments are a nice touch.  I’m guessing this was tested, but instead of directly asking for my credit card, there are three “small” commitments I need to make before I am asked to purchase coffee.

One final touch:

After I signed up for the discount, I’m sent a welcome email asking me to claim the coupon.  

atlas coffee club welcome email

By clicking the link, I’m then taken to the same thank you page.

A simple, multi-touch system that increases my odds of converting into a customer.

Backlinko Thank You Page

Backlinko is one of the most popular SEO blogs in the world.  Brian Dean, the founder of the company, writes some of the most in depth articles on the topic of SEO.

While he has many lead magnets and content upgrades throughout the site, his “main” lead magnet on his home page is to sign up for his newsletter.

Once you’ve done that you’re taken to this thank you page.  It’s short, sweet, and to the point.

backlinko thank you page

Things I like:

Backlinko is built around Brian and his personal brand.  So, having Brian’s face on the thank you page makes it a lot more personal.  You’re not going to be receiving emails from a nameless, faceless company. You’re going to be getting emails from Brian.

Brian has a call to action to follow him on Twitter.  

Finally, Brian tells you what to expect:  “super-actionable content that will help you generate more traffic, leads, and sales over the next few weeks”.

Bucketlist Bombshells Thank You Page

Bucketlist Bombshells is a site started by Cassie and Shay to empower women entrepreneurs to build a freedom based business.

While there are several lead magnets based on where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, I chose one where I was looking to join a free course start a business.

The thank you page is beautifully designed with a very clear call to action above the fold (Starting the free course.) 

bucketlist bombshells thank you page

Things I like:

Bucketlist Bombshells is a brand built around Cassie and Shay.  Having the video of them right off the bat makes it a super personal experience.  Video is a lot more personal than just an image.

The page contains social proof.  Even though I’ve entered my email, I still have to be “sold” on watching the free course. 

They have a bunch of aspirational pics on the page.  Nothing over the top, just two friends having a great time.  Who doesn’t want that life?

One more cool touch.

After signing up for the free course, I received the following email:

bucketlist bombshells welcome email

 In this email, I’m given the opportunity to sign up for a free 60 minute workshop (where no doubt I’ll be sold on their course).  

But it’s yet another touch point to give people more value before asking for a sale.

Copyblogger Thank You Page

Copyblogger is one of the OG’s of internet marketing blogs.  Started by Brian Clark way back in the day as a one person blog, it has become a training company doing 8 figures in revenue.

When I enter my email address on Copyblogger’s lead magnet, the thank you page is telling me that I need to confirm my subscription.

I subscribed to a few companies that require a double optin.  But this page is a bit different. It actually offers me a product at a very small price.  (Also known as a tripwire.)

Things I like:

I really like the super clean approach to this page.  Black text on a mostly white background. You can never go wrong with that.

They ask for a sale.  A $7 commitment is a no brainer.  But as the saying goes: the hardest dollar to make is the first one. Once a person becomes a customer it’s easier to upsell them later on.

They remind me that I need to check my email and confirm my subscription.

copyblogger thank you page

Cup and Leaf Thank You Page

Cup and Leaf is an eCommerce company that sells tea.  It’s been hard to find companies outside of the marketing space who have interesting thank you pages, Cup and Leaf is run by a marketer Nat Eliason.

No doubt his thank you page and funnel would be really interesting.

His lead magnet is a quiz designed to find you the perfect tea for your taste.  And once you’re done the quiz, you get a recommendation.

How cool is that?

Cup and Leaf Thank You Page

Things I like:

The simplicity of this thank you page truly stands out.  Just a few lines of text that pack tons of information.

You are given the type of tea that is a “great fit for you!”  So you don’t have to guess what what you might like. They’ve done this for you.

The very specific call to action.  I’ve been told that I would like “high energy teas” and the call to action is “Shop High Energy Teas!”

Digital Marketer Thank You Page

Digital Marketer is one of the leaders in the online marketing space.  They do well into 8 figures in revenue. They have a popular blog, a ton of courses, and a popular conference.

I knew that when I was looking for interesting thank you pages, these guys would have one.  And they didn’t disappoint.

The Digital Marketer thank you page is extremely aggressive.

Once you’ve entered your email to the lead magnet, which is a free account to get access to free tools and content, you’re taken to a thank you page where you’re being sold a $95/month.

This is one of the higher tripwire products I’ve come across in this experiment, but knowing how relentlessly these guys test, I have no doubt it converts well. 

Digital Marketer Thank You Page

Things I like:

While it may be an aggressive price for a single founder, I like the price point of the $95 per month product.  Clearly they are targeting marketing teams with this price. I’m just not their customer 🙂

I like how they spell out exactly what you get when you sign up.

And finally, I like the reminder to confirm your email address.  It just makes it clear that you’re in the right place and you’ll be getting exactly what you came for.

Hubspot Thank You Page

Hubspot is an inbound marketing platform (in fact, they coined the term “inbound marketing”) that contains a marketing software, crm, and service platform.

Needless to say, they have a number of gated lead magnets.  I chose a lead magnet offering me and ebook on how to grow my Instagram following in 30 days.

And this is the landing page.  A clean, simple landing page that gives me what I signed up for with a call to action to get their free crm software.

What I like:

I like the simplicity.  If you’ve caught on by now, you’ll notice that I LOVE simplicity. 🙂

They give me what I signed up for right on the thank you page.  I like that for convenience.

They give me the option to get started on a free trial of their crm software, moving me further down the sales funnel.

Hubspot Thank You Page

The Hustle’s Thank You Page

The Hustle is a daily newsletter that keeps you up to date on business and technology.

I love this thank you page.  Instead of giving you the summary, you can check it out and let’s go into everything I like.

The Hustle Thank You Page

What I like:

The text opens with “you just joined the best damn email newsletter in the world.”  A very bold statement that grabs your attention. They’ve also set the bar high for themselves.  

They tell you exactly what to expect.  “Each morning we’ll send you all the business info you need to succeed.”

Social Proof!  Over 1,000,000, yes that’s 1 million people read The Hustle each morning… so you’re in good company.

There’s an element of humor.  Every time someone joins a buzzer goes off.  The office manager claps and the operations guy does a push up.  (clearly, this isn’t true, but made me laugh.)

They tell you when the next email is coming (tomorrow at 9 am Pacific).

And finally, there’s a call to action to check out their new product Trends.  

Kick Resume’s Thank You Page

Kick Resume helps people create standout resumes.

One of their lead magnets was an ebook that shared everything they’ve learned helping 300,000 people find jobs. (Super impressive!)

Anyway, the interesting thing about Kick Resume is that their landing page turns into their thank you page.

Here’s what I mean:

kick resume lead magnet

Then when I enter my email address, it turns into this:

Kick Resume Thank You Page

It’s the same exact page, but the lead box turns into a share box.  A very clever way to entice people to share the landing page with their friends. 

Here’s what I like:

I like that there is an ask to share the lead magnet.   It gives the landing page a viral marketing component to help grow the list even more.

It tells me the book is on it’s way.  Again, just a reminder that I did things right. Nothing huge, but the little details that matter.

Melyssa Griffin ( Thank You Page

Melyssa Griffin helps entrepreneurs grow their blog and leverage that audience into a business. One of the ways she does this is through her course Blog to Biz Training.

When you sign up to the Blog to Biz training bootcamp, you’re taken to a thank you page that emphasizes Melyssa’s personal brand and a secondary call to action to get a cheat sheet in Facebook messenger.

The blue color keeps on brand with the landing page and the rest of the site along with the yellow message bar at the top.  

melyssa griffin thank you page

Things I like:

I like the call to action to get a cheat sheet delivered to you via messenger.  This gives Melyssa an additional way to communicate with me instead of just through email.

Second, before you “get started” Melyssa has you watch a video before jumping into the bootcamp.  

This brand is obviously built around Melyssa, so having her face on the thank you page and on camera really personalizes the experience for her prospective customers.

Her message of “wooo hoo you’re in” is totally on brand with her casual vibe across all of her websites and emails.

Morning Brew Thank You Page

One of my favorite finds in the past few weeks has been Morning Brew, a daily newsletter that gives me a summary of the latest business news.  It’s kind of like a Cliff’s Notes of the Wall Street Journal.

That being said, I really wanted to check out their thank you page, since their email list is the product.  

The Morning Brew website is basically a landing page devoid of a lot of information.  So after signing up, Morning Brew needs to let people know who they are. They use the thank you page to “introduce themselves” to their new readers.

Morning Brew Thank You Page

Things I like:

I really like the introduction.  So many people sign up for a lead magnet and never really know who they’re getting the lead magnet from.  With the Morning Brew, they use the thank you page to tell people exactly what to expect and why they exist (to make the business world more exciting and engaging).

Since you’re signing up for something that you won’t get right away, Morning Brew allows you to check out the previous issue.  It gives the new subscriber something to do before the newest edition is delivered to the inbox bright and early tomorrow morning.

Neil Patel Thank You Page

Neil is another of the OG’s of online marketing.  So I figured he’d use his thank you page to nurture leads.  And I wasn’t disappointed.

Neil’s lead magnet is a newsletter and he runs an agency called “Neil Patel Digital”.  Again, since the brand is centered around Neil, he uses the thank you page to introduce himself and tell you how you can find more information.

Neil Patel Thank You Page

What I like

The thank you page has very little text.  It kinda works. The video is THE thing on this page.  

His call to action is the three buttons underneath the video.  If you want more information, read the blogs. If you want to check out his agency, you can do that, and he has a FREE seo tool, so you can check that out as well.

OKDork’s Thank You Page

OKDork is the personal blog of Noah Kagan, where he talks about blogging, business, productivity and tacos.

A bit of back story on his thank you page.  I’ve been following Noah for some time now and outside of his email list, his primary goal is to grow his podcast.  In that light, he’s designed a thank you page to help him achieve that goal.

OKDork Thank You Page

Things I like:

The biggest thing I love is that Noah has a clearly defined goal (grow his podcast) and he uses his thank you page to achieve his goal.

He gives you the opportunity to listen to his three most popular podcasts right off the bat.  That way you can get a sneak peak into what it’s all about before you decide to subscribe.

If you know anything about Noah, you know that he loves tacos.  I really like how he has infused his personality in the form of a taco on the thank you page.  Just makes it more fun, playful, and personal.

Smart Passive Income Thank You Page

Smart Passive Income is a marketing and entrepreneur blog run by Pat Flynn.  He has an extremely successful podcast and blog where shows people how to create scalable and passive income.

One of his lead magnets is an ebook on affiliate marketing.  It takes me to a thank you page where the PDF of the guide is embedded into the site. 

smart passive income thank you page

There’s quite a bit I like about this page, so let’s get into it.

Things I like:

He tells you that an email will be arriving in your inbox within 15 minutes.  Not only that, he tells you what to expect in the email: the guide and an invitation to limited time access to his webinar.

He gives you the guide on the page, but you can’t actually download it.  You’re forced to go into the email to have access to it (and also check out his webinar).  Quite a cool idea.

He has sharing buttons at the bottom.  

He gives a disclaimer.  A site called Smart Passive Income and an ebook on affiliate marketing sounds a lot like someone who’s trying to sell you a get rich quick scheme.  Like the Nigerian Prince’s that show up in your inbox from time to time. He has a disclaimer at the bottom that says “This isn’t a get rich quick scheme.”

By the way, I just wanted to show you the welcome email.  The whole thing just flows so nicely.

Smart Passive Income Welcome Email

You’ll notice how the welcome email allows you to download the affiliate marketing guide and gives you access to the free webinar.  

The email also goes in depth into what you’ll learn in the webinar enticing you to sign up.  Very cool!

Snack Nation’s Thank You Page

Snack Nation is a service that delivers snacks to your office on a subscription basis.

Chances are, if you’ve been in content marketing for the past year or two, the concept of a lead magnet or content upgrade isn’t new to you.

But here’s where the Snack Nation team does things different.

Their thank you page gets people into their free trial program.  Essentially it’s a lead magnet into their paid subscription program.

Their offer is a free discovery snack box plus a $200 Amazon gift card. You also get a discount for life just for downloading the PDF.

According to the Snack Nation team, this offer received 884 new leads (when this strategy was used on all of his popular posts) and 11% of them were qualified.

Snacknation Thank You Page

Things that I love about this thank you page:

It’s beautifully designed!  

It reminds me that my pdf is being sent to me.  Going from one landing page to another landing page (that’s essentially what this is) it can be a bit confusing.  Am I in the right spot?

It gives me a brief overview of what the product is.  I know exactly what I’m getting when I sign up for the Snack Nation service.

Finally, they give an extra incentive for signing up!  A $200 Amazon gift card. Wow!

Social Lab Marketing Thank You Page

This site is run by my friend Amy Crane.  Social Lab Marketing is a Facebook ads agency and sells courses all about how to master Facebook ads.

Amy’s thank you page is the classic tripwire page.  She takes you from her lead magnet where she offers a swipe file of her highest converting Facebook ads to a sales page where she’s giving you a limited time offer on Facebook ads training.

The flow of the lead magnet to the tripwire is what makes this strategy so successful.  This trip wire converts at 7% visitors to customers. (Essentially, she breaks even on her ad spend!)

Social Lab Marketing Thank You Page

Things I like:

At the top of the page she tells you that the swipe file is on its way to your inbox.  It’s just a reminder that you are in the right place and you’ll get what you’re looking for.

This is a limited time offer.  When you sign up for the lead magnet you only have 90 minutes or so before the price goes from $27 to $97.  And at $27, this is truly a no brainer for someone looking to learn Facebook ads.

Amy’s copy for this tripwire is on point.  It is just so good.  

Social Triggers Thank You Page

Social Triggers is run by Derek Halpern.  It’s a site that teaches other business owners about sales, marketing, and the psychology of buyers.  

After entering your email address and confirming your email, you’re taken to the following thank you page.

It has a hero shot of the ebook that you downloaded and it gives you some additional things to do.

Derek also let’s you know that he’s sent you an email with even more material that you can read right now.

Social Triggers Thank You Page

Things I like:

It’s a beautifully designed page.  Above the fold is the download that you signed up for and below the fold is more information.

He breaks it down into 2 steps.  Step 1 is getting what you came for.  And step 2 is Derek telling you about his online courses.   He has 3 courses that are designed to help you start a new business, which is the natural progression from his initial lead magnet (how to get your first 5,000 email subscribers).

Sumo’s Thank You Page

Sumo is a collection of tools designed to help ecommerce companies grow their email list.  Oh, and they have an extremely amazing free plan that you can use if you’re on a budget.

As you’d expect, Sumo is using their own tools to grow their email list.  Throughout the site you’ll find content upgrades, link triggers, popup boxes, welcome mats and more creative ways to capture emails.

The main goal of the Sumo site is to get people to use the app.  And the thank you page aligns perfectly with that goal. Once you get to the thank you page, there is a call to action to sign up for Sumo.

Sumo Thank You Page

Things I like:

I love this design.  It’s visual, elegant, and just really nicely laid out.

They tell you that the content that you signed up for is on it’s way.  

There is a really clear call to action to sign up for the app.  Now that you have some knowledge on how to grow your list, they give you the tools to implement that knowledge for free.

It’s really visual.  If you’ve been an online marketer for any length of time, you know exactly what each of those images means.

Teachable’s Thank You Page

Teachable is a software that gives course creator’s a place to host their online courses.  It’s a platform that manages the entire process for you.  

Everything from storing your videos to collecting payment, and follow up email marketing are all taken care of by Teachable.

Teachable’s core lead magnet is a checklist for being able to create an online course.  The thinking being: learn how to create a course, sign up for our product, and start making money creating your own course.

Once you sign up for the checklist, you’re taken to the thank you page below.

A beautifully designed page that tells you how to get your download and a call to action to join their webinar.

Nicely done!

Teachable Thank You Page

Things I like:

The call to action midway through the page.  They ask you to sign up for a webinar (the next step to the checklist), where presumably they’ll sell you on creating an online course using their product.  Clearly getting people to the webinar is the goal.

The social media buttons at the bottom.  It’s a little thing, but it will get people to further engage with them. 

Wrike’s Thank You Page

Wrike is a project management software that surveys its customers so they know more about them.

This survey helps them gauge how serious their leads are in using the app and give their support team some context into who you are when they follow up.

Unlike all of the other lead magnets that are content or discounts, Wrike’s lead magnet is a free trial of it’s software. I really wanted to show you how a survey on your thank you page can impact your business.

Wrike Thank You Page

Things I like:

First of all, the social proof is amazing.  Wrike has companies like Google, Loreal, and Tiffany using their product.  In other words, some of the biggest brands in the world use Wrike. So it will probably work for you as well.

The survey is only 3 simple questions long.  Just enough to give the sales team some information on the follow up call, but not enough to inhibit you from actually filling it out.

It reminds me to verify my email address.

Yes Supply Thank You Page

Yes Supply is a site run by Reese Evans to empower women who want to be coaches and live a freedom based lifestyle.

Reese’s lead magnet on her home page is a 5 day challenge where she shows you how to change your mindset so you can become a successful coach.

Once you sign up, you’re taken to this thank you page where you actually have the opportunity to get all of the lessons delivered to you immediately (instead of getting one a day for the next 5 days).

She delivers the lessons to you in Facebook Messenger, giving another avenue to get in touch with you for her content and offers.

Yes Supply Thank You Page

Things I like:

This is a super simple thank you page that packs a big punch.

She has a quick message telling you to check your inbox to make sure the Yes Supply emails are white listed so you actually get them.

Her first call to action is what we already talked about.  She’ll send you all 5 days of the challenge in messenger. Giving her another chance to communicate with you.

She has a secondary call to action inviting you to join her private Facebook group.  

Reese isn’t leaving anything to chance here.  She knows email is a powerful driver of conversions, but she is maximizing her chances by getting you to follow her on Facebook as well.

I follow Reese, and Facebook and Instagram is where she does a lot of her work.  She hosts lives and stories daily, constantly interacting with her followers and fans.

Now it’s our turn

This was never supposed to be a blog post.  I was just doing some research to help me create a more valuable thank you page.  The information I found was too valuable to keep to myself.

And apparently, a lot of people search for thank you page examples.  

So now it’s time to take some of these examples and put them into place for our businesses.