10 SaaS Link Building Agencies that Will Help You Increase Your Traffic and MRR

From 3 Leads Per Month to 16 Leads Per Month with Content Guppy's Link Building Services

One of our sales pages was languishing around position 9 for a keyword that we new would increase our revenue.  Within two months after hiring Content Guppy for their link building process, we ranked #1 for the keyword and the page went from producing 3 leads per month to 16 leads per month!

Matthew Rathbone  //  CEO, Kickbox

Let's face it.

Link building is critical to any SEO campaign.  Without it, your content is going to be stuck in the mud, not driving any significant amount of traffic. 

Link building combined with great content can grow your MRR exponentially.  I've seen it.

Search engines love high quality links.  But getting these high quality links takes a ton of work.

You need to find sites that are relevant to your industry.  You need to find the email address of someone who will give you the link.  You need to write and send the emails.  You need to manage your inbox.

It's a long, tedious grind.

That's where a good SaaS link building service comes in to play.

What is a SaaS Link Building Service?

There are effectively two ways to go about building high quality links.

The first way is to hire and train an army of people in the latest link building strategies.  You can get people who will do research, who can do email outreach, and who can write articles if need be.

But the problem with this is that if you're a the founder or CEO of your company, then this is so far outside of your core, it'll be a distraction. 

And if you're the SEO manager or head of marketing, then hiring and training an in house link building team is a distraction from creating engaging content and trying new marketing strategies.

Either way, this is going to slow you down.

That brings us to the second way of building quality links.  By hiring a link building service

When you hire a link building service, you basically hand off link building responsibility to a group of experts.

They already have the team and processes in place to get you the amount of links you need to rank your content and your site.

This is a far easier way for businesses (and agencies) to acquire links.

Not All Link Building Services Are Created Equal

Just like every other type of vendor that you're going to hire, not every link building service is created equal.  Some link building services are buying links on private blog networks (PBNs).  Others are getting cheap links on content farms.

Be Careful of Cheap Links

When you're hiring a link building agency, you tend to get what you pay for.  If you're paying $25 or $50 per link, then chances are there's something a bit fishy with the link.

Again, this is the type of link that are usually placed on PBNs or link farm sites.  These are sites that look real, but really just exist to sell spammy links.  And many link building services offer them simply because they're easy to get.

Let me show you what I mean.

The site below "looks" like a legit site.  It has a domain rating of 71.  It has some traffic.  But when you look at the type of site, it's a cheesy generic content site.

 They cover sports, and technology, and entertainment, and health, and a lot of other topics.  It's a generic site.

I'm not saying this is a "bad" link.  But it's definitely not a link worth paying for.  Unlike other link building services who WILL charge you for this link, we actually just give it to you for free.

Instead, you want links placed on reputable sites that are related to yours within your industry.

Ask About Their Quality Control

Before you hire a link building service, make sure that you ask about their quality control.  You want to carefully vet their link building strategies.

Most link building services will talk about the Domain Rank, or Domain Authority that they reach out to.  And that's all fine and good.  But that's not enough for a great link building campaign.

Here are some additional questions you need to make sure your link building campaign is successful. For instance:

  • How to they filter out link farms and PBNs?
  • Is there a guarantee that if you don't like the link you can swap it out?
  • How do they ensure the link goes on related sites?
  • What is their manual outreach approach?
  • How do they ensure that they aren't getting you other types of spammy links?
  • Speaking of spammy links, they aren't selling "Web 2.0" links, right? (LinkedIn links, Blog Comments, Quora links, etc.)

Do They Have Industry Knowledge?

At ContentGuppy, we come from a B2B and SaaS background.  We've been building sites in these industries for over 15 years.

This gives us a good understanding of what type of content converts best - and in turn which pieces of content we suggest that you build links to.

Without further ado, here are 10 link building services to help you scale your SEO and link building efforts.

10 Link Building Services that You can Hire Today

So now that you know what link building services are, what to look out for, and what makes a good link building agency, it's time to introduce you to 10 that you can hire that will help you scale link building.


Content Guppy

We started exclusively link building at Content Guppy to scratch our own itch.  

You see, we were initially a do it all SEO agency.  We did content, we did links, and we did some technical SEO.

But one thing that always haunted us, to the point where we would lose clients, is that we couldn't find a good link building agency.

So, we decided to stop doing everything else, and be the best link building agency we could be.

To do this, every link building campaign we use revolves around our 6 step link building process and these non-negotiable filters:

DR 60+ Links Only

You don't want to pay for links with low Domain Rankings, right?  You want to acquire links from established sites with a good link profile.  That's why we never reach out to a site that has a domain ranking less than 60.  We don't want to waste your time.

1,000 Organic Visitors Per Month

You also want your links to come from sites that search engines are already ranking.  The second filter we apply makes sure that all sites you get links from have a minimum of 1,000 organic visitors per month.  Most of the time, they'll have a lot more!

Links come from SaaS companies or Agencies Only

This is the third filter we apply to your links.  And probably THE MOST IMPORTANT one.  Every single link that we build will come from a SaaS company or an Agency/Service business in your niche!

We have found that the links that increase search engine rankings most come from these sites - and not from content farms or link farms. 

How Our Link Building Services Work

Our link building services are designed to be as hands off as possible for you.  We want your content to rise in the search engines without you having to do the work.  In fact, we only here from most of our clients once a month - when they need to tell us what page they want us to build links to.

Step 1:  Page Analysis

Let’s take a quick look at your site to identify the pages that will increase users. We’ll identify which of your sales/service pages need a little love, your bottom of the funnel content, and top of the funnel content we want to target over the next 4 to 6 months.

Step 2:  Link Prospecting

Our link building process is built around our prospecting.  Once we have our target page, it’s time to find link opportunities. 

We've built our own in-house platform that helps us identify the best links using our rigorous filtering process.  

Step 3:  Find the Perfect Person

Because we filter out so many possible link opportunities, we have to maximize every single email that we send.

Part of having a high success rate is targeting the right person - someone who is willing and able to give you a link.

Step 4:  Manual Outreach

We don't have a list of "sites we have access to".  Sure, we have some relationships in various industries, but almost every single link we obtain will come from our manual outreach process.

Step 5:  Negotiate the Link

After we've found the right person, and we've reached out, it's time to do the tedious work of negotiating the link.

Our team of experts will make sure that your link goes live with relevant anchor text.

Step 6:  Reporting

Finally, you'll get an email every single week from our custom reporting software.

You'll also be able to log in and see all of the links we've acquired for you over time.


At Content Guppy, our link building services have simple, transparent pricing.



Linkbuilder.io is one of the more established link building companies in the market and have been building links since 2016.

They've worked with over 350 companies and have built over 20,000 links.  According to their website, they work with "ambitious brands and agencies.


Here's a screen grab of their pricing as they offer 4 different tiers.


Outreach Monks

Outreach Monks offers their link building services to a wide array of industries including Casino's and the canibis industries.

They also offer country specific links as well.

Since they've started in 2017, Outreach Monks has worked with over 2,000 businesses and agencies across the world.


Outreach Monk is a link building company with a wide array of link building packages, each with a different pricing model.  For instance, they offer link insertions, SaaS backlinks, Guest posts, etc.  So we took the managed link building service for this particular post.


The Hoth

Man, you talk about an OG company, these guys have been around for a long time.  Founded in 2010, which is like 200 years ago in internet years,   They are no longer a link building company, The Hoth is now one of the leading SEO and digital marketing services on the internet.

The Hoth has hands off approach to link building.  In other words, there is very minimal work to be done on the client's side.  You give them the site you'd like to do link building for, and the anchor text, and then they'll take care of the rest.


The Hoth as a variable pricing scale.  You can adjust the domain rank, the number of words you want your backlink post to have, and they'll tell you how much that will cost.

For instance a link with a domain rating of 50 and a backlink post with 1,000 words will cost $350.


Fat Joe

Not going to lie, I'm so jealous of their name.  All the other link building companies on the list are like "link this" and "outreach that".

Then you have Fat Joe.  Talk about brand genius.

Fat Joe is another link building comapny that offers a wide range of services from link building to digital pr to content production.  Since their founding in 2012, they have helped over 5,000 companies get backlink placements with their blogger outreach service.


Again, Fat Joe has quite a large SEO and content offering.  So, I took the pricing page from their blogger outreach service - which is what they seem to be best known for.


Page One Power

Page One Power's custom campaigns are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients.  With a specialization in Resource Page Link Building and Content Link Building, each campaign will be customized based on the link opportunities your site provides.

They serve clients ranging from individual business owners all the way up to enterprise companies.  They also offer white label services to agencies.


Page One Power does not offer pricing on their website.  So you can go to their site, fill out a form, and request a call back.



LinkDoctor began when two corporate guys had to scratch their entrepreneurial itch.  So they launched a stand alone link building service that specializes in high quality backlinks.

And they work in a wide array of industries including health care, real estate, startups, law firms, enterprise, and ecommerce.


LinkDoctor offers 4 pricing tiers, however the prices aren't listed publicly on their site.  



According to their website, RHINORANK has been hired by over 1,500 SEOs to use RHINORANK'S curated link service to acquire high quality backlinks for their SEO campaigns.

With their curated link service, they will search the internet for relevant content and "liaise with the webmasters to insert links into their content."


RHINORANK has a sliding scale that you can check out on their pricing page.  For instance, you can get DA10-20 links for $42.50 per link.


Links That Rank

Links that rank is the brain child of SEO superstar Matthew Woodward.  They operate within a very strict set of parameters to ensure that the links they are building are the highest quality backlinks.

In fact, they even have a site that let's you see if a link you're trying to acquire is one that they would blacklist.  

And if you're wondering, yes, they are able to get links from the casino market.


Links that Rank has a sliding scale right on their home page that you can check out. However, if you want one "high-power link" with a domain rating of 50 to 80, then that price is $327.  And there are definitely some bulk discounts.


Authority Builders

Authority Builders services a very large variety of niches.  Everything from Beauty to Business to Technology to Travel and a whole lot more.

Simply pick the niche that your site is in, Sign up to get access to the custom dashboard.  Pay the invoice.  Then wait for the link to go live.  It's that simple.


Authority Builders offers a wide array of link building packages from link insertions to guest posting and HARO.

So, we took the screen grab from the link insertion category to give you a feel for their pricing.


Digital Gratified

If you need a SaaS link building agency that prioritizes both quantity and quality, consider Digital Gratified. They start with a website audit and competitor backlink analysis, then create relevant blog posts to improve your SEO. Using guest posting, niche edits, and outreach, they boost your website's link profile. Even if you already have good content, they provide high-quality links from domains like Hubspot and ActiveCampaign at a great value.


Digital Gratified offers a versatile pricing structure along with a calculator designed to assess costs according to your specific requirements. The link building cost calculator evaluates your overall budget, preferred quantity of links, and timeframe.

Final Words

All of the link building agencies on this list will get you good results and increase brand authority.  However we are biased toward Content Guppy.  We'll make sure that you get the absolute best links possible for your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from your competitors?

We find that we are different from our competitors in three ways.

First, our link building strategy revolves around our very thorough filter process.  Like we've mentioned a few times here, we make sure that every single link comes from a SaaS company or an Agency/Service company in your industry.

Second, we do not have a list of links that we have access to.  We do manual outreach for every single link that we find.  

And finally, we invest heavily in our own tools which we love to show off to our clients.  In fact, we consider ourselves a software company.  And you will have access to our platform so that you can easily see all of your links in one location.

We've found this to be the best way to see rankings in search engines increase.


How many links can you build per month?

This depends on a couple of factors. 

First, what is your budget? Typically speaking the higher your budget, the more links we can build.

Second, the type of content that you're looking to build links to affects quantity as well.

For instance, it's a bit harder to acquire links to a sales page, so we won't be able to build as many as a blog post.


How can I see my links?

Once you become a client of Content Guppy you will have access to our reporting system that you can log into whenever you want.

Also, you will get an email from us every Friday letting you know what links we've acquired for you.


Can you build links to sales and service pages?

Yes!  Our clients love when we help them rank their service and sales pages.  

Building links to sales and service pages that have proper search intent is a great link building strategy.  You will increase the ranking for sales and service pages is the fastest way for you to increase your MRR, revenue, demos, free trials, sales calls, etc.


Do you buy backlinks?

No!  We do not buy backlinks.

All of our links are done through manual link building.  We find that this is the best way to build high quality backlinks.


How long till I see results?

Ahhhh... the million dollar question.

The short, buy crappy answer is, it all depends.  There are a lot of search engine ranking factors and link acquisition is just one of them.

Things like your competitors, your content quality, your site's user experience, all factor into how fast you'll rank for your particular keyword.

However, when we do an analysis of your page, we'll be able to give you some indication for an approximate timeline.


What industries to you work with?

The industries we typically work with are:

  • Marketing
  • Financial/accounting
  • Project management
  • Product management
  • Productivity
  • Remote work
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Software
  • And most other non-super niche B2B industries


What's your Domain Ranking range?

You will never be charged for a site with a domain ranking under 60.  

However from time to time, we'll come across a really good site, with good content, but the domain is under 60.  In this case, we'll always take the link and give it to you free of charge.


Can I choose the anchor text?

Yes!  You can absolutely let us know what anchor text you want us to go after.

We might not be able to match your criteria 100% of the time.  In those cases, we'll make sure the anchor text is closely related to your recommendation.


Do you work with SEO Agencies?

Yes!  We offer white label services to SEO Agencies.

We help several agencies increase their client's search engine rankings with our link building tactics.



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