How to Supercharge Your SaaS Business With Effective Email Marketing?

As of now, if you see the market, almost 30,000 SaaS businesses are running successfully worldwide. And with this increasing number day by day, how do you think you can succeed in this market? How can you stand out in this Seas industry? If these are your queries, you are also at the right place. It is fitting that SaaS email marketing strategies are constantly improving and evolving. 

Most of these Saas businesses have become long and complex journeys for the customers. And it needs time and effort to shorten it down, for which there comes the need for email marketing. So let us move ahead in this article and how about the most effective SaaS email marketing strategies that help supercharge your business. 

What Is SaaS Email Marketing?

Simply put, it is promoting your SaaS business by sending emails to potential customers so they can come forward and support your business. Almost 4 billion people use email as their daily mode of communication, so that is the best way to market your business and enhance brand awareness.

The main goal behind SaaS email marketing is to get new leads and retain existing customers. Also, below mentioned are some of the exciting tactics SaaS email marketing should include:

  • Growing your email list with the help of your upgraded content.
  • Automating some parts of the emailing process with the help of automated emails.
  • Segmented your emailing lists into several groups so that message sending becomes easy.
  • Drafting attractive subject lines for the emails and creating engaging content for them.
  • Performing various techniques for best results on the performance of the emails
  • Frequently analyzing the performance of the emails using the data about the customers.

Importance of Email Marketing for Saas Businesses

Below mentioned are the reasons that prove why email marketing is essential for SaaS businesses:

Attracts New Customers

SaaS businesses mainly rely on new customers to grow their business. Therefore, using email marketing to reach out to a larger target audience is the most essential part. 

Higher Engagement Rate

With the help of marketing the business through emails, you can easily engage with your target audience. This also helps in personally knowing about the customers and then working as per their needs and requirements.

Generates Brand Awareness

SaaS business has to create its own identity to stand out alone in the market. Therefore, email marketing must create a unique identity and establish a powerful presence within the target audience.

Retain the Existing Customers.

Customer retention is the most challenging task for various businesses. Therefore, email marketing is used to keep in touch with existing customers and strung engaged with them by updating them with new features and updates about the SaaS business.

Drive More Revenue

As email marketing helps in attracting new customers and retaining existing customers. This together is going to drive higher revenue for the SaaS business.

Increases Website Traffic

When you include promoting your SaaS business through emails, that increases the website traffic, through emails, you are contacting visitors who might be interested and attracted to your brand’s website.

Understand the Stages of the Customer Journey in SaaS Businesses

A similar email marketing strategy will only work during the process of a SaaS business because it involves several stages. Every stage would require its specific approach to work upon.

Below mentioned are the five stages of a SaaS business:

  • Reach

This is the initial stage where the customers are just aware of your brand and haven’t taken any subscriptions yet. Through email marketing, they have just visited the website and getting engaged with your business. 

  • Acquisition

This is the stage where you acquire new customers with the help of new welcome emails. When new visitors subscribe or sign up, welcome emails are sent to them.

  • Conversion

Once the customer journey is initiated, you have to engage with them to convert them into permanent customers for your business. 

  • Retention

This is the essential stage because you should always take care of the existing ones in search of new customers. That increases the loyalty of the customers towards your brand.

  • Loyalty

The last and final stage is loyalty. If you can get new leads through referrals, existing customers trust and recommend you further. 

Effective Email Marketing Strategies for SaaS Businesses Growth

As discussed, there are various email marketing tactics involved in each stage of the SaaS business, so among them, some of the standard and crucial strategies are:

Understand Your Goals

Before getting new customers and creating the automated emailing sequence, you first need to understand and know about the goal and vision of your SaaS business. Some examples of goals are:

  • Trial signups from the customers
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer retention
  • Conversion
  • Customer education

Create a Perfect Lead-Generation Technique.

As we all know, to generate new leads for your business, there are several ways in the market, social media, campaigns, landing pages, websites, and webinars. Depending upon the category and interests of your target audience, you should first find the best lead generation technique to increase your chances of getting new customers.

Segment Your Target Audience.

It is likely impossible to meet the expectation and requirements of the entire target audience from your emailing campaign. Therefore, to understand the target audience more and efficiently send them emails as per their needs, segment them under the basic categories:

  • Which stage of the customer journey do they belong to?
  • Where do they stand in the sales funnel?
  • Through which marketing channel are they being acquired?

Add Personalization to Your Marketing Emails.

Personalization in marketing emails works like magic, making your content look more appealing and compelling to the customers. You might receive several welcome emails from various brands daily, but when you see an email with your name in it, it attracts you simultaneously. 

Make the Signup Process More Straightforward.

In your marketing emails, the signing up process should be easy and quick. Because when you promote your brand through emails and include CTAs in it, it encourages the customer to go ahead and sign up for the same. 

Send One Email Per Day.

Sending too many emails to customers may lead to the deletion of the emails or unsubscribing from the brand. Therefore, on average, sending only one marketing email daily is enough to let the customer know about the benefits of your business that can help them with their need. 


The biggest mistake many SaaS businesses make is following up with the customers either too early or too late. So for following up, remember the magic number 9. 9 days is considered an average cycle for sending Follow up emails.

The Word Count in Your Marketing Emails

The emails should be short, crisp, and to the point when it comes to email marketing campaigns. Because no customers are interested in reading lengthy emails, including bullet pointers in this situation is the best way to grow your business

In the market, the top 280 SaaS business industries have achieved an average of 129 words per marketing email. 

Create the Most Compelling Subject Lines.

These lines and customers read the first thing when they receive an email. Therefore, writing the most creative and engaging subject lines that positively impact the customer is recommended. Writing subject lines with only 6-10 words allows you to get the highest email opening rates. Also, you can refer to Smartead AI for writing fascinating subject lines.

Track the Performance of the Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing lets you easily collect data and analyze whether the campaign is fulfilling your goals. So some of the standard metrics that can be tracked and analyzed are:

  • Email open rate
  • Email click-through rate
  • Conversion rate, and 
  • Unsubscribe rate

Ask for Customer Surveys.

As we all know that feedbacks are essential. You can include survey options in your marketing emails to determine whether your email performs well.

Contact the Inactive Customers Again.

While you are tracking the open email rate, you will be able to notice the inactive customers. So try to re-engage with them and retain them, and this can be done by:

Offering discounts and promo codes to them

Highlighting the features and benefits of the new products and services of your business

Requesting feedback from them

Basic Segmentation

As we all know, personalized emails are the most impactful and effective emails, so appropriately segment your target audience based on generic demographics.

Share Fascinating Content in Your Emails.

If you want subscribers to become fond of your email marketing campaigns and instantly become your regular customers, you must, most importantly, share exciting content in your marketing emails. The content should be in bullet points highlighting all the brand’s features.

Include Visual Content in Your Email.

Your email content should be the best and perfect for making the best use of email marketing for your SaaS businesses. And when you include visuals or images in your email content, it looks more appealing and engages more customers. 

Perform A/B Testing

Keep testing several techniques to help you know which suits you best, like experimenting with different types of email content, other subject lines, different CTAs, and different content strife to identify which resonates best with the target audience. If you need tips on performing the A/B testing, refer SmartLead AI as the guide to A/B testing procedure.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, SaaS email marketing helps educate the customers about the brand and attract them more toward the business. The best way to kick start this email marketing campaign is to work on your goal-setting and continue. After that, contact the customers through emails based on their segmentation, personally engaging with them, and lastly, getting them converted. This is the process of getting higher conversions and higher revenue for the business. 


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