SEO Content Writing Services that Rank content and Convert Readers into Buyers

Our SEO content writing services are designed to do two things.  

The first thing is attract the right person to your site.  In other words, people who need your products and services AND have the money to pay for them.  

And the second thing is convert readers into leads and customers.

How it Works

This is how we were able to scale Running Remote's traffic from just a few hundred visitors per month to a few thousand visitors per month in just a couple of short months with our SEO content writing services.

organic traffic

Here's how we did it...

SEO Strategy

The first thing that will happen when you work with us is we'll lay out a 90 plan for your SEO Content.  

It's a myth that SEO takes a long time to see results.  But given the right seo strategy combined with rigorous keyword research, you'll be able to see results in just a couple of months.

We'll identify keywords and topics that are relevant to your product or service and prioritize them based on our scoring system.

Scoring is based on search volume, the difficulty it is required to rank the post, and the topic's relevance to your business.

seo content sheet

You'll be able to see where your content is in every stage of production.

Content Brief

Once we've identified your keywords and SEO Strategy, we'll begin to create your first content brief.  

This ensures that each piece of content that we create has all of the elements needed to make sure your post ranks in Google.

Data is sourced from a variety of tools as well as a comprehensive SERP analysis.

We provide a headline idea, sub headline ideas, LSI keywords that need to be spread throughout the post and a word count.

Our content brief turns any writer into an SEO expert.

content brief

Hire a Writer

Over the years, we've worked with some amazing writers in a variety of industries.  For Running Remote, we needed to find a writer who was comfortable writing about remote work, productivity, hiring, and startups.

We'll make sure that to find writers that are experts in your industry.  

And because they have the seo content brief that we've created, they are able to easily incorporate the elements necessary to turn your post into SEO content.

Copy Editing

Once we get the post from the writer, it goes through a rigorous editing process.  Yes, we look for things like grammar and spelling errors.  

But we also look for opportunities to turn your content into a conversion mechanism.  We will always try to include a contextual mention of your product or service into the post.  

So you'll be selling your products and services without being spammy.

On Page Optimization

Once the post is published, we'll make sure that it is optimized:

  • URL
  • Internal linking
  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description

These are some of the elements needed to ensure that a post ranks.  And over time, you'll start seeing traffic from one post to another compound - creating a truly scalable marketing engine.

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