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We build links that high DR links on SaaS and Agency sites only that you will be proud to show your friends, your boss, or your partners.

We Give AWAY Links Others are Charging a Premium For

Every link we acquire for you has to reach three criteria:

First it has to have a minimum Domain Rank of 60.  Second, it has to have at least 1,000 visitors per month.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it has to be on a SaaS site or an Agency/Service site.  You will never pay for a link that comes from a news site, or a content site, or an affiliate site.

There are times we have the opportunity to acquire those links for you… and when we do, we just give them to you for free. 

How is Content Guppy Different?


The first thing we’ll look at are the target pages you want to build links to. We’ll need to ask ourselves if these are the pages that will acquire the most users, have the highest likelihood of ranking, and attract the most relevant traffic.


We’ll find the RIGHT person to reach out to. We call them the “person closest to the content”. No need to reach out to the CEO of a company. They won’t respond to your emails. But the SEO manager, Content specialist, or Inbound marketer will.


We have to send manual outreach messages to everyone on our prospect list. Because of our high criteria, we can’t simply “spam the internet” and hope for a 1% conversion. There just aren’t enough SaaS/Agency sites with a DR60+ and over 1,000 visitors per month to send crappy emails.


Finally, we’ll negotiate and secure the placement of each link for you.

Why are We Different

Proprietary Software

We use proprietary software in order to find our link acquisition targets. This allows us to spend a lot more time filtering for link quality AND to send custom emails to our prospects.

Manual Filtering

We make sure each link is scrutinized for quality and that it meets our standards.  Absolutely no exceptions.

Premium Links Only

Many link building service agencies will have packages where they give you a mix of “good” and “bad” links.  We don’t do that.  Our links are the highest quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you issue refunds?

Yes, we issue refunds.  Let’s say you want to acquire 4 links.  And we only get you 2 links that fit within our criteria (DR 60+, 1000 visitors, SaaS/agency site), then you will be refunded for the 2 links that we didn’t acquire.

Do you do manual outreach?

Yes!  Every link that we acquire is through manual outreach.  We don’t have a “list of sites” that we have access to.

Each link that we acquire for you has undergone a rigorous filtering process.  Then we’ve identified the correct contact.  And finally, we sent a custom email to the person closest to the content.


What link building strategies do you use?

Most of our links are acquired through link insertion.  In other words, we will ask that the link be inserted on an existing piece of content.  The anchor text will mostly likely be in place and the link will be added to it.

We also do resource page link building.  For instance, if you’re running SEO for a CRM, then we would reach out to sites like 10 best CRM’s for Small business and ask that your SaaS be incorporated into the list.  

You can give use a summary of your tool and have it added.

And lastly, we do broken link building.  

Can you Acquire links to our product pages/transaction pages/sales pages?

Yes!  We do this quite frequently.

Ranking a transaction page/product page/sales page (whatever you want to call it) is the holy grail of user acquisition.

A person enters a keyword like “best crm for small business” and your sales page asking for a free trial ranks in the top 3.  High converting pages that rank high for the win!

While these pages can be a bit more of a challenge, we can absolutely get these links for you.

Do you REALLY give away free links?

LOL!  Yes, we have.

From time to time, we’ll have the opportunity to get a really good link.  But it might not be on a SaaS site.  Or it might have a Domain Rank of 53.  We’re not going to leave it there.  We’ll insert your content.

But we won’t charge you for it.  

How many links do I need to rank my page/content?

Before we get started, we will analyze your site, the keyword, and the competition to see approximately how many links that you will need to rank for a particular keyword.

What Makes a Good Backlink?

There are a number of particular qualities that can make up a great backlink.

The most important thing we look for is what kind of site is the link coming from?  Is it coming from a news site or an affiliate site or a “spammy” content site? 

Or is the link coming from an established business?  Links that come from established businesses are much more valuable than link farms.

The next thing we look at is domain authority.  The higher the domain authority, the better the link.

And we also look at site traffic.  If the site isn’t getting enough traffic, then we usually pass on the link.

How do payments work?

We bill you at the beginning of each month.  

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